You can upload knowledge files to a standalone appliance or a cluster from the Knowledge management page. When uploading to a cluster, you need to do so only once; the knowledge is distributed to all cluster members.

To upload knowledge

Before uploading a TKU file, you must stop the discovery service to install new network device definitions.

Changes in the pattern configuration block revision number may reset the pattern configuration changes to the default values

If you install a Technology Knowledge Update (TKU) that contains an update to a pattern configuration block that requires its major revision number to be incremented, any end-user configuration changes to that pattern (made through the pattern configuration block) are lost, and the default pattern values are restored.

  1. From the Knowledge management page toolbar, click Upload
    The Upload Knowledge dialog opens.
  2. Click Browse to locate and select a file to upload.
  3. Click Upload.
    The upload process begins, and the Upload Knowledge dialog displays the progress of the upload and activation.

When complete, a Knowledge Upload Complete dialog displays the results.

A successful knowledge update message.

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