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The Tideway Knowledge Update 2008-Nov-1 (TKU 2008 Nov) is a deliverable for Tideway Foundation platform version 7.1 and later.

Release Compatibility

TKU 2008-Nov-1 has been tested and verified against Tideway Foundation version 7.1.1, 7.1.5, 7.1.6 and 7.1.7. This TKU cannot be uploaded on a version 7.0.x appliance.


Customers can access this TKU release from the Tideway Downloads site and then clicking Download Area->latesttku. If you're a customer or partner and don't already have a login to this site or have forgotten yours please contact

Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here.

New Software Instance Patterns

IBMTivoli Composite Application Manager/Response Time TrackingPerformance Management SoftwareUNIX, WindowsYY


IBMTivoli Composite Application Manager for Websphere and J2EEPerformance Management SoftwareUNIX, WindowsYY


IBMWebSphere Application AdaptersApplication Deployment SoftwareUNIX, WindowsNN


Open SourceLighttpd Web ServerApplication Server Software PlatformUNIX, WindowsYY


PostgreSQLPostgreSQL RDBMSRelational Database Management SystemUNIX, WindowsYY


PrismTechJacORBApplication Deployment SoftwareUNIX, WindowsNY


Red HatHibernateApplication Deployment SoftwareUNIX, WindowsNY


Sun MicrosystemsGlassFish Enterprise ServerApplication Server Software PlatformsUNIX, WindowsYY


New Hardware Patterns

In this TKU, we also introduce a pattern module to identify and model HP-UX Partitions within a physical host. This component of TKU enhanced Foundation Discovery scripts and does not ship with the main TKU archive but is available together with these scripts as content downloadable from Configipedia.

Enhanced Software Instance Patterns

VendorProductEnhancementSI Key ChangeModule
IBMDB2 Content Manager OnDemandAdded an additional package (Windows) to the list of packages queried to obtain the versionN


IBMTivoli Storage ManagerThe pattern has its key changed to key_group since it has been established that more than one ITSM server can run on a host. Instances are therefore now grouped by their installation directoryY


IBMWebSphere MQThe name of the message queue being managed by the MQ Series Queue Manager SI is now displayed in the UIN


MicrosoftExchange ServerAdded checks to ensure that one of the trigger processes does not cross-match with VERITAS DirectAssist. To assist reporting, if version is unknown, then the 'full_version' string is set to an empty string, not 'Unknown'N


MicrosoftSQL ServerAdded Versioning capabilities - versioning now performed by WMI Query in preference to Registry Query, since if it succeeds the full_version will reflect all hotfixes appliedN


Bugs Fixed

The following bugs have been fixed in Tideway Knowledge Update 2008-Nov-1.

Case NoDefect NoDetailsPattern Module

Problem: BMC Performance Manager pattern may fail with an ECA Engine Error when scanning hosts where the previously identified BMC Patrol Agent is no longer found and the BMC Patrol Agent SI ages out.
When the BMC Patrol Agent SI ages out a 'modified' event is produced which leads to the BMC Performance Manager pattern firing. The pattern then tries to create an association to the host, but its link to the host is no longer present (BMC Patrol Agent SI) which leads to an ECA Engine error.

Resolution: Pattern trigger updated in TKU November 2008 Release to fire on 'created, confirmed' conditions, instead of 'created, modified' conditions



Problem: VMware ESX Server pattern may fail with an ECA Engine Error while attempting to retrieve the list of patches applied.

Resolution: Pattern module updated in TKU Nov 2008 - code fix



Problem: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server pattern will currently not attempt package versioning on UNIX platforms due to incorrect platform class check.
In addition to this, the current pattern assumes that only one server can be installed on a host, which is incorrect.

Resolution: Code fix of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server pattern in TKU November 2008 so that the pattern will attempt package query versioning on UNIX platforms. Additionaly, the key has been replaced with key_group to provide the user with the count of instances of the product



Problem: JBoss Portal pattern could potentially fail with ECA Engine error if the pattern fails to parse an XML file from which it gathers version information.
Resolution: Pattern updated in TKU November 2008 to ensure that parsing of the XML file is done in a safer way.



Problem: TKU patterns for identification of Tideway Foundation will attempt to create two SIs for each component due to the change in how the Foundation components are launched in Foundation 7.1.6 and later.
Resolution: Fixed in TKU November 2008


New Active Commands

The following active commands are new in this release:

Lighttpd Web Server

  • Module: Lighttpd.Server
    • pattern: Lighttpd
      • Active command to obtain version information (UNIX & Windows) - '<abs. path to trigger process> -v'
      • Alternative Active command to obtain version information (Windows only) - 'cmd /c DIR | FINDSTR server.tag "<abs_path_to_config_files>*.conf"'

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Module: Microsoft.SQLServer
    • Pattern: Microsoft SQL Server
      • Active WMI Query to obtain version information - 'select Version from CIM_DataFile where Name = \'<abs_path_to_binary>\''


  • Module: PostgreSQL
    • Pattern: DatabaseServer
      • Active command to obtain version information (UNIX & Windows) - '<abs_path_to_binary> --version'

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server

  • Module: Sun.GlassFish_Enterprise
    • Pattern: ApplicationServer
      • Active command to obtain version information (UNIX) - '<abs_path_to_installation_root>/bin/asadmin version --verbose=true'
      • Active command to obtain version information (Windows) - 'cmd /c <abs_path_to_installation_root>\bin\asadmin.bat version --verbose=true'
    • Pattern: NodeAgent
      • Active command to obtain version information (UNIX) - '<abs_path_to_installation_root>/bin/asadmin version --verbose=true'
      • Active command to obtain version information (Windows) - 'cmd /c <abs_path_to_installation_root>\bin\asadmin.bat version --verbose=true'


If you have chosen not to delete the Software Instances created using a previous TKU, for any pattern where the SI key has changed, any host where the above software instances were created will have another set of software instances created following installation of a newer TKU and re-scan. The software instances created by the previous TKU patterns will disappear once they have aged out (see Tideway Foundation documentation for description of SI aging).

For More Information

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