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The Tideway Knowledge Update 2008-Dec-1 (TKU 2008 Dec) is a deliverable for Tideway Foundation platform version 7.1.7 and later.

Release Compatibility

TKU 2008-Dec-1 has been tested and verified against Tideway Foundation version 7.1.7.


TKU December 2008 (TKU 2008-Dec-1) is not supported on versions of Tideway Foundation before v7.1.7


Customers can access this TKU release from the Tideway Downloads site and then clicking Download Area->latesttku. If you're a customer or partner and don't already have a login to this site or have forgotten yours please contact

Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here.

New Software Instance Patterns

Vendor Product Category Platforms Instances Versioning Module
Acresso FlexNet Publisher Identity and Access Management UNIX, Windows Y Y


BEA AquaLogic Business Process Management Integration Server Software Platforms UNIX, Windows Y Y


BEA MessageQ Message Orientated Middleware UNIX, Windows Y Y


IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for ISM Performance Management Software UNIX, Windows Y Y


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Relationship Management Windows Y Y


Microsoft Project Server Project and Portfolio Management Windows Y Y


Microsoft SQL Reporting Services End User, Query, and Reporting Analysis Windows Y Y


Sophos Anti-Virus Secure Content and Threat Management UNIX, Windows Y Y


Enhanced Software Instance Patterns

Vendor Product Enhancement SI Key Change Module
Microsoft SQL Server Pattern attempts to obtain port the server is listening on. Additionally, pattern attempts to obtain the list of databases managed by the DB server. The code that determines whether an instance-based or group-based SI will be created has been improved to create instance-based SIs more often Y


MySQL AB MySQL RDBMS Pattern attempts to obtain port the server is listening on. SI Key updated to use this information Y


Bugs Fixed

The following bugs have been fixed in Tideway Knowledge Update 2008-Dec-1.

Case No Defect No Details Pattern Module
N/A 10941

Problem: A simple identifier description of one of the simple identifiers in BEA WebLogic Application Server pattern module is misspelt

Resolution: BEA WebLogic Application Server Simple identifier description updated


N/A 10983

Problem: IBM System P hardware pattern may fail to parse model number, leading it to fail to complete and fail to create a hardware container

Resolution: Regular expression parsing the hardware model number improved


N/A 11002

Problem: Certain characters in WebSphere MQ pattern package name regular expressions not correctly escaped - could lead to version not being extracted

  • Resolution:* Characters in regular expressions now correctly escaped


N/A 11019

Problem: TKU package contained duplicate simple identifiers for Symantec ESM components

Resolution: Duplicate simple identifiers removed

N/A 11020

Problem: Hypersonic SQL DB simple identifier creates a lot of false positives as the regular expression will also match on processes when Hypersonic SQL libs are used as well.

Resolution: Hypersonic SQL DB simple identifier removed

N/A 11101

Problem: The Microsoft IIS pattern is retrieving an XML file in order to get a list of
Web Sites, and the path to that file is extracted by looking at the
"systemroot" environment variable. However, the regex extracting the path
doesn't account for the trailing Return Carriage character, resulting in a path
like the following:

Resolution: Regular expression extracting the path now ensures that return carriage is not included


New Active Commands

The following active commands are new in this release:


  • Module: Acresso.FLEXnetPublisher
    • Pattern: LicenseServerManager_lmadmin
      • Active command to obtain version information - <abs. path to trigger process> -v
    • Pattern: LicenseServerManager_lmgrd
      • Active command to obtain version information - <abs. path to trigger process> -v

BEA MessageQ

  • Module: BEA.MessageQ
    • Pattern: MessageQ
      • Active command to get full path to the trigger process (if not retrieved) - Linux only and disabled by default as it requires 'sudo' privileges - /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/readlink /proc/<process pid>/exe

IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Internet Service Monitoring

  • Module: IBM.Tivoli.CompositeApplicationManager.ISM
    • Pattern: ITCAM_ISM_Bridge_Win
      • Active command to obtain version information - <abs. path to trigger process> -version
      • Alternative active command to obtain version information - <installation path>\KinCInfo -i
    • Pattern: ITCAM_ISM_Bridge__Unix
      • Active command to obtain version information - <abs. path to trigger process> -version
    • Pattern: ITCAM_ISM_Monitor
      • Active command to obtain version information (Windows) - <abs. path to Databridge process> -version
      • Alternative active command to obtain version information (Windows only) - <installation path>\KinCInfo -i
      • Active command to obtain version information (UNIX) - <installation path>/bin/nco_m_bridge> -version

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Module: Microsoft.SQLServer
    • Pattern: SQLServer
      • Active command to obtain a listing of the database directory - cmd /c DIR /B <path to Data directory>*.mdf
      • Active command to list databases managed by SQL server via osql command-line client - <path to osql.exe> -S <hostname\server name> -E -Q "USE master; SELECT Name FROM sysdatabases"


  • Module: MySQL_AB.MySQL_RDBMS
    • Pattern: DatabaseServer
      • Active command to extract port information (UNIX only) - <abs. path to trigger process> --verbose --help | grep port

Sophos Anti-Virus

  • Module: Sophos.AntiVirus
    • Pattern: AntiVirusUnix
      • Active command to obtain installation path - on Linux only (uses 'locate') - /usr/bin/locate sophos-av/engine/version


If you have chosen not to delete the Software Instances created using a previous TKU, for any pattern where the SI key has changed, any host where the above software instances were created will have another set of software instances created following installation of a newer TKU and re-scan. The software instances created by the previous TKU patterns will disappear once they have aged out (see Tideway Foundation documentation for description of SI aging).

For More Information

Go to Home Page for:

  • Detailed catalogue of software patterns available in each TKU release
  • Software pattern documentation
  • Schedule of future TKU releases and candidate content

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