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BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2019-Aug-1 is a deliverable for BMC Discovery 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3 series.

Please be aware that for the current release we've updated LoadBalancer Pool key to get it unique for LoadBalancer Instance. (DRDC1-13589)

CMDB Sync mapping updates

The following CMDB Sync mapping updates were introduced for the August TKU release:

  • Added sync mapping patterns for cloud Cluster nodes. (DRDC1-13551)
  • Mapped StorageSystemGroup.Serial into BMC_Cluster.SerialNumber. (DRDC1-13621)
  • BMC_Tag has got new attributes: TagName and TagValue and new BMC_RelatedTo relationship class is now defined. (DRUD1-26842)

For more information about the CDM mapping please visit the product documentation: Default CDM Mapping.

Product content updates require appliance restart

This TKU release contains product content additions. When product content is added, the appliance is restarted as part of the update. You are given the opportunity to prevent the restart, though if you do so, none of the knowledge content will be installed.

Release Compatibility

TKU 2019-Aug-1 is released in the following streams:

  • Release compatible with BMC Discovery 11.x series


Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. If you are a customer or partner and do not already have a login please contact your BMC account manager.

Check out this demo if you are unsure how to download from BMC EPD site.


The release comprises components packaged as such entities:

  • BMC Discovery Extended Data Pack TKU 2019-Aug-1, which is a separately licensable product.

    • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populate BMC Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.
    • National Vulnerability Database - A pattern that populates BMC Discovery with information about the CPE ID of each product, full details here
    • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate BMC Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of certain host Operating Systems as well as versions of certain software products
  • BMC Discovery for Storage, which is a separately licensable product.
    • Storage Systems: Patterns that model many Storage Systems. See the full list of currently supported storage devices here. Visit the Storage System Release Notes page to get details about what's new.
    • Improvements on existing Storage patterns. See what we have fixed or improved in existing patterns in the Storage System Release Notes page.

Installation and Upgrade

  • BMC Discovery 11.0 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • BMC Discovery 11.1 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • BMC Discovery 11.2 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • BMC Discovery 11.3 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here








Product Page

OracleOracle Hyperion Calculation ManagerFinancial Performance and Strategy Management


YYOracle Hyperion Foundation Services
OracleOracle Hyperion Web AnalysisEnd-User Query, Reporting, and Analysis

UNIX Windows

YYOracle Hyperion Financial Reporting
SkyboxSkybox ViewSecure Content and Threat Management


YYSkybox View
CylanceCylancePROTECTSecure Content and Threat Management


MicrosoftMicrosoft Remote Desktop ServicesSystem and Network Management Software


YNMicrosoft Remote Desktop Services

Enhanced Pattern Modules for Cluster Awareness in BMC Discovery 11.x series

BMC Discovery 11.0.x introduces a new extended cluster discovery.

Cluster Modeling approaches and Key changes:

  1. Clustering Platform that generate a Cluster Node. In most cases the Key does not change.
  2. Clustered Software. In previous releases, the SIs were modeled running on Host nodes. Now, if they are running on a cluster, they are modeled running on the Cluster node. That means that instances of these products that run on clusters have changed Keys. Instances that do not run on clusters do not have changed Keys.
  3. Software Performing Clustering - products that implement their own Clustering Scheme without using a Clustering Platform. In general, the SoftwareCluster is given the same Key that was previously given to the SoftwareInstance.

More about new clustering technologies and clustering models you may find here.

Enhanced Pattern Modules

For details of why the SI Key Change field is important please see this documentation.


RFE ref.

Product Page


SI Key Change

DRDC1-12553IBM Tivoli Monitoring (Common Functions)Versioning methods were updated.N
DRDC1-13580 VMware vCenter Server

Fixed the issue when ESX host was not related with VMware vCenter Server instance.

DRDC1-13511 Oracle CoherenceUpdated path versioning and server name.N
DRDC1-13492Microsoft .NETservice_pack attribute is now populated.N
DRDC1-12387 AppDynamicsAdded cluster support for Cisco AppDynamics Controller.N
DRDC1-13413 Sybase ASE Dataserver - Database Detail PatternEnhanced Sybase Deep Database discovery.N
DRDC1-13503 Citrix XenServerEnhanced XenServer virtual host assignment and relationships modeling.N
DRDC1-13301, DRDC1-13466 Red Hat JBoss Application ServerJBoss versioning methods were updated.N
DRDC1-13464Oracle ClusterwareResource extraction for older versions was updated.N
DRDC1-13624Sybase Adaptive Server EnterpriseSybase ACE active versioning was updated.N
DRDC1-13525Software AG My webMethods ServerTrigger was updated for MywebMethodsServer pattern.N
DRDC1-13598 Neo4jUpdated trigger for Neo4j.N
DRDC1-13384 Apache CassandraNumber of enhancements for Cassandra SI discovery.N
DRDC1-13518 HAProxyUpdated active versioning.N
DRDC1-13515Oracle ReportsVersion extraction was updated.N
IBM AIX System p Hardware
IBM Power System HostContainer name was updated.N
DRDC1-12622IBM Operational Decision ManagerNumber of enhancements for trigger and versioning.N
DRDC1-13590BMC TrueSight Server Automation Suiteagent_home attribute was replaced with install_root.N
DRDC1-12701IBM WebSphere Extended DeploymentAdded support for IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale (standalone deployment). N


Apache HTTPD-based WebserversAdded an extra method to find path to configuration fileN

Defects Resolved

The following defects have been fixed in this BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update.

Defect ref.


Product Page

SI Key Change

DRDC1-13585Problem: MongoDB Replication cluster gets associated with invalid hosts and software instances
Solution: Code fix.


Problem: Missing Java versions.
Solution: Updated privileged active commands.

Java Virtual Machine



Problem: Missing SI attributes.
Solution: Code fix.

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise



Problem: Oracle Options and Packs pattern failed if listen IP is
Solution: Code fix.

Oracle RDBMS Installed Options



Problem: Update IllumioASP pattern metadata.
Solution: Code fix.

Illumio Adaptive Security Platform Agent



Problem: UI Error when trying to view an item on a discovered Load Balancer.
Solution: Updated LoadBalancerPool key to get it unique for LoadBalancerInstance.




Problem: Oracle Database Server version is not discovered.
Solution: Code fix.

Oracle Database



Problem: SQL Server should use database versioning in preference to registry versioning.

Solution: Code fix.

Microsoft SQL ServerN


Problem: Don't have version mappings for modern versions of Microsoft SCCM.

Solution: We now automatically check for new build numbers on the Microsoft website before we build a TKU

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
Microsoft Systems Management Server

Problem: Should report three levels of product versioning for Apache Kafka.

Solution: Code fix.

Apache KafkaN

Problem: Symantec Netbackup Media Server software TKU pattern false positive for Vormetric software.

Solution: Code fix.

Veritas NetBackupN

Problem: Need correct name for AppFabric.

Solution: The type now reports the legacy name for legacy version and the modern name for modern versions.

Microsoft Windows Server AppFabricN


Problem: Should report legacy name of TIBCO iProcess.

Solution: Added support for legacy Staffware versions.

TIBCO iProcessN


Problem: Need proper product version for SaltStack.

Solution: Version extraction updated.

SaltStack SaltN

Command/File Matrix

The Command/File Matrix file (covering ALL commands executed and ALL files retrieved by the patterns) for TKU August 2019 can be downloaded from here.

The main command/file matrix documentation is accessible from the Got a Problem to Solve? page or directly from here.

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