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    BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2018-Mar-1 is a deliverable for BMC Atrium Discovery 10.2 and BMC Discovery 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3 series.

    Starting from TKU 2018 March release, BMC Discovery 11.2 fully discovers Cisco Systems stacked devices. Stack Devices now include the attribute stack. The stack_master attribute will be assigned to Stack Master node. For more information, see Viewing a network device.

    Please be aware that when uploading March TKU to BMC Discovery 11.2 the following warning may be displayed but doesn't require any further actions:

    Product content updates require appliance restart

    This TKU release contains product content additions. When product content is added, the appliance is restarted as part of the update. You are given the opportunity to prevent the restart, though if you do so, none of the knowledge content will be installed.

    CMDB Sync mapping update

    Current release contains the following CMDB mapping updates:

    • new patterns were introduced to sync links from virtual NetworkDevice and SNMPManagedDevice to VirtualMachine nodes. (DRDC1-10528)
    • publisher attribute was removed from SI and pattern metadata (in Kubernetes, Jenkins, Lighttpd Web Server,Linux-HA Cluster). This change will Impact CMDB mapping as ManufacturerName will no longer have a value. (DRDC1-9977)

    Virtual attribute updates

    Starting from TKU 2018-Feb-ADDM-11.3 release and onward a new virtual attribute is assigned to NetworkDevice, SNMPManagedDevice and StorageDevice nodes (DRDC1-10528).

    Release Compatibility

    TKU 2018-Mar-1 is released in the following streams:

    • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 10.x series
    • Release compatible with BMC Discovery 11.x series


    Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. If you are a customer or partner and do not already have a login please contact your BMC account manager.

    Check out this demo if you are unsure how to download from BMC EPD site.


    The release comprises components packaged as such entities:

    • BMC Atrium Discovery Extended Data Pack, which is a separately licensable product.

      • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populate BMC Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.
      • National Vulnerability Database - A pattern that populates BMC Discovery with information about the CPE ID of each product, full details here
      • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate BMC Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of certain host Operating Systems as well as versions of certain software products
    • BMC Discovery for Storage, which is a separately licensable product.
      • Storage Systems: Patterns that model many Storage Systems. See the full list of currently supported storage devices here. Visit the Storage System Release Notes page to get details about what's new.
      • Improvements on existing Storage patterns. See what we have fixed or improved in existing patterns in the Storage System Release Notes page.

    Installation and Upgrade

    • Atrium Discovery 10.2 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
    • BMC Discovery 11.0 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
    • BMC Discovery 11.1 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
    • BMC Discovery 11.2 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
    • BMC Discovery 11.3 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here








    Product Page

    NutanixNutanix ClusterClustering and Availability Software


    YYNutanix Cluster
    NetflixNetflix EurekaClustering and Availability Software



    YYNetflix Eureka
    NutanixNutanix BlockClustering and Availability Software


    YYNutanix Block
    Node.js FoundationNodeJsDevelopment Languages, Environments, and Tools



    Open Container Initiative RunCContainer Runtime Software


    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry Cloud ControllerCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry Cloud Controller
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry CCBridgeCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry CCBridge
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry Cloud Diego AccessCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry Cloud Diego Access
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry Diego BrainCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry Diego Brain
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry DiegoCellCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry DiegoCell
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry DiegoDBCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry DiegoDB
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry GORouterCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry GORouter
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry GardenCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry Garden
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry LoggregatorCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry Loggregator
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry NetworkingCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry Networking
    CloudFoundryCloudFoundry Service BrokersCloud Infrastructure


    YYCloudFoundry Service Brokers

    Enhanced Pattern Modules for Cluster Awareness in BMC Discovery 11.x series

    BMC Discovery 11.0.x introduces a new extended cluster discovery.

    Cluster Modeling approaches and Key changes:

    1. Clustering Platform that generate a Cluster Node. In most cases the Key does not change.
    2. Clustered Software. In previous releases, the SIs were modeled running on Host nodes. Now, if they are running on a cluster, they are modeled running on the Cluster node. That means that instances of these products that run on clusters have changed Keys. Instances that do not run on clusters do not have changed Keys.
    3. Software Performing Clustering - products that implement their own Clustering Scheme without using a Clustering Platform. In general, the SoftwareCluster is given the same Key that was previously given to the SoftwareInstance.

    More about new clustering technologies and clustering models you may find here.

    Enhanced Pattern Modules

    For details of why the SI Key Change field is important please see this documentation.


    RFE ref.

    Product Page


    SI Key Change

    DRDC1-9977Kubernetes, Jenkins
    Lighttpd Web Server,
    Linux-HA Cluster
    Publisher attribute has been removed from SI and pattern metadata. Impacts CMDB mapping as ManufacturerName will no longer have a value.N
    DRDC1-10864Neo4jNeo4j trigger updatedN
    DRDC1-10833IBM WebSphere MQ - Extended Discoverysudo in function runActiveCommand() should be updatedN



    Red Hat OpenShiftKubernetesDockeretcdflannelNumber of architecture enhancements are introduced to product discovery. In particular, patterns were updated to use SoftwareContainer node kind.N
    DRDC1-10594Oracle E-Business SuiteOracle eBusiness pattern updated in order to use removal groups.N
    DRDC1-10972TIBCO Runtime AgentVersioning approach updated.N
    DRDC1-10611Micro Focus SilkTestService pack attribute assignment updated. Publisher name Borland is now replaced with Micro Focus.N
    DRDC1-10835BMC Atrium CMDBVersioning methods order was changed.N
    DRDC1-10110Apache TomcatAdded support for Apache Tomcat WorkersN
    DRDC1-10770IBM Tivoli Netcool-OMNIbusAdded support for IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus ProbeN



    Red Hat KVMAdded support for Acropolis HypervisorY

    Defects Resolved

    The following defects have been fixed in this BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update.

    Defect ref.


    Product Page

    SI Key Change


    Problem: Pattern can create empty cluster. Wrong publisher is reported.
    Solution: Publisher updated, major pattern fixes implemented.

    HashiCorp Consul



    Problem: Kubernetes Cluster creation approach is flawed.
    Solution: Code fix.

    Red Hat OpenShift



    Problem: Update ApacheTomcat instance name extraction.
    Solution: Code fix.

    Apache Tomcat


    DRDC1-10912Problem: SQL Server WMI call does not work when Database name has #s in.
    Solution: Code fix.
    Microsoft SQL Server - Database Detail PatternN
    DRDC1-10734Problem: Wrong publisher for Veritas NetBackup.
    Solution: Publisher attribute is updated.
    VMware Consolidated BackupN

    Command/File Matrix

    The Command/File Matrix file (covering ALL commands executed and ALL files retrieved by the patterns) for TKU March 2018 can be downloaded from here .

    The main command/file matrix documentation is accessible from the Got a Problem to Solve? page or directly from here.

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