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BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2015-Feb-1 is a deliverable for BMC Atrium Discovery 9.0, 10.0 and 10.1 series.

A change to the way privileged execution configuration is handled in BMC Atrium Discovery

For a long time already, privilege command execution could be handled using the following methods:

  • through the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration - a recommended way described here.
  • using the pattern configuration files - an outdated way that will be eliminated in the nearest future.

In TKU December 2014 major steps have been taken to eliminate the possibility to manage privileged execution through pattern configuration. Further steps will be taken in 2015.

The February 2015 TKU includes changes to the CMDB Sync mapping (introduced in TKU Jul 2014)

  • You can enable BMC Atrium Discovery to set the impact attributes directly, rather than relying on Atrium CMDB’s impact normalization rules. Relationships in Atrium CMDB are marked as being “impactful” by setting the HasImpact attribute to Yes and the ImpactDirectionattribute to a suitable value. This new data model will become the default in future releases of BMC Atrium Discovery. To enable HasImpact population and the new data model:

    • In Atrium CMDB, in the Normalization Console Configuration Editor, disable Impact Normalization for the ADDM dataset.

    • On the BMC Atrium Discovery command line, run the following command: tw_options CMDB_SYNC_DATAMODEL=6. Restart tideway services for the change to be taken into account.

  • You can start using simple static application modeling.
    BMC Atrium Discovery enables you define dynamic automatically-updating application models, using Collaborative Application Mapping and related features. That leads to robust comprehensive application models, but it does require time to investigate the application and define a suitable set of patterns. In some circumstances it is useful simply to manually group some hosts or software instances together to create a “static” application model. Such models are of course not automatically updated, but they are extremely quick and easy to define.
    To define a static application model, add Hosts or SoftwareInstances to a group in BMC Atrium Discovery, and give the group a name that starts with “StaticApp:”, in exactly that form. Do not use sub-groups. That causes the creation of a BMC_Application CI in Atrium CMDB, named after the group. For example, a group named “StaticApp: Example Application” results in a BMC_Application CI with name “Example Application”.

Changes to Oracle Database modeling

  • To support multitenancy introduced in Oracle 12c, the changes to modeling Database Details has been introduced: all the Database Details, like Schemas and Tables, are now linked to the logical databases instead of the Database Software Instance. For versions earlier that Oracle 12c, and for the root database in Oracle 12c and later, the Database Details are also linked to the Software Instance.

  • The old model, where the Database Details are only linked directly to the Software Instances, is outdated.

Release Compatibility

TKU 2014-Feb-1 is released in three streams:

  • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 9.0 series
  • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 10.0 series
  • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 10.1 series


Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. If you are a customer or partner and do not already have a login please contact your BMC account manager.

Check out this demo if you are unsure how to download from BMC EPD site.


The release comprises components packaged as two entities:

  • BMC Atrium Discovery Extended Data Pack, which is a separately licensable product.
    • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate Atrium Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of certain host Operating Systems as well as versions of certain software products
    • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populate Atrium Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.

Installation and Upgrade

  • Atrium Discovery 9.0 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • Atrium Discovery 10.0 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here

  • Atrium Discovery 10.1 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here

A matrix covering ALL commands executed and ALL files retrieved by the patterns is available to our customers from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. The filename is TKU_Command_File_Matrix-2015-02-1.xls

New Pattern Modules

VendorProductCategoryPlatformsInstancesVersioningProduct Page
ApacheFalconProcess Automation MiddlewareUNIXYYApache Falcon
ApacheSqoopDatabase Development and Management ToolsUNIXYYApache Sqoop
ApacheSparkEnd-User Query, Reporting, and AnalysisUNIXYYApache Spark
ClouderaManagerClustering and Availability SoftwareUNIXYYCloudera Manager
ClouderaCDHClustering and Availability SoftwareUNIXYYCloudera CDH
ClouderaImpalaEnd-User Query, Reporting, and AnalysisUNIXYYCloudera Impala
OpensourceGitHubDevelopment Languages, Environments, and ToolsUNIXYYGitHub
OracleCommunications Billing and Revenue ManagementData Integration and Access SoftwareUNIXYY

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management

ApachePigData Integration and Access SoftwareUNIXYY

Apache Pig

OracleSecure Global DesktopVirtual User Interface SoftwareUNIXYYOracle Secure Global Desktop
BMCVisualizerPerformance Management SoftwareWindowsYY

BMC Visualizer

ApacheSolrSearch and DiscoveryWindows, UNIXYY

Apache Solr

Enhanced Pattern Modules


RFE ref.

Product Page

EnhancementSI Key Change


Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services

Updated trigger to make it effective for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 deployments. Enhanced false positive check.



Red Hat MRG

Improved messaging.N

QM001872453 (Esc 070392)

BEA WebLogic Application Server

The pattern was enhanced to improve discovery of J2EE (EAR/WAR) applications.N

Esc 069995

Oracle WebLogic Server

Minor improvements for supported versions.N
QM001871979 (070227)

Apache HTTPD-based Webservers

Enhanced the method for retrieving config file.N


IBM Tivoli License Compliance Manager

Add agent_id attribute to the IBM Tivoli License Compliance Manager Agent SIN


Oracle SALT

Minor improvements.N


Updated privileged execution commandsN


IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

Minor improvements.N

Esc 070019

McAfee VirusScan

Minor improvements for supported versions.N

ESC 069989

Oracle Coherence

Improved versioning.





This pattern was updated with more known versions, improved product version extraction, new alternative trigger, and enhanced active versioning command.N


BMC Batch Discovery

Improved model for the latest versions of BMC Batch Discovery.N


IBM DB2 Content Manager

Updated trigger condition.N


IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager

Improved linking of IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager Server SI with the database.N


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

McAfee Common Management Agent SI type is updated to reflect the latest branding.N


IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal

Updated trigger condition.N


EMC CIM Object Manager

Minor improvements.N


Embarcadero InterBase SMP

Minor known_versions attribute in metadata.N


HP Command View XP Advanced Edition

Minor improvements of products attribute in metadata.N


Oracle SALT

Minor improvements of products attribute in metadata.N


CA SiteMinder

Improved method for install_root extraction.N

ISS04349428 (Esc 069110)

CA Workload Automation

Improved method for install_root_extraction.N

TKU-3338, TKU-3343

Minor improvements.N


Apache ActiveMQ

Improved active versioning for correct processing of embedded Puppet deployment.N


Minor improvements.N


Apache HTTPD-based Webservers - Extended Discovery Pattern

Improved trigger condition.N


BEA Tuxedo

Minor improvements.N


Pivotal RabbitMQ

Improved file versioning.N


Oracle Forms

Added support for Oracle Forms on Weblogic 10gN
-IBM Cognos NowMinor improvements.N

Defects Resolved

The following defects have been fixed in this BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update.


 Defect No


Product Page


Problem: The pattern could fail to create the Entrust GetAccess Software Instance due to the excessively strict false positive check.

Solution: Code fix.

Entrust GetAccess


Problem: BMC Visualizer is not discovered.

Solution: The pattern provided.

BMC Visualizer

Problem: In certain cases, the pattern might not trigger.

Solution: Code fix.

BMC Performance Assurance Console

Problem: In CMDB, the ITSM CI is completely disconnected from all relevant AR System CIs, because SoftwareComponents related to a second order SoftwareInstances are not synchronized to CMDB.

Solution: The pattern was updated and now creates a containment relationship between BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite SI and SoftwareComponents it contains.

IBM WebSphere Application Server


Problem: Incorrect branding for SAP Business Explorer.

Solution: Code fix.

SAP Business Explorer BI

Esc 070157

Problem: Sometimes the WebSphere Aplication Server cell/node is not modeled correctly.

Solution: Code fix.

IBM WebSphere Application Server


Problem: See QM001872250.

Solution: Code fix.

Oracle Business Transaction Management 


Problem: BMC Performance Assurance Agent Collector sometimes does not create necessary relationship to the related SIs.

Solution: Code fix.

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Agent


Problem: Borland CaliberRM SI might have incorrect SI type.

 Solution: Code fix.

Borland CaliberRM


Problem: IBM Rational Build Forge sometimes does not create necessary relationship to the database.

Solution: Code fix.

IBM Rational Build Forge


Problem: Progress OpenEdge gives insufficient information in product version.

Solution: Code fix.

Progress OpenEdge RDBMS


Problem: BMC Control-M SI might have incorrect key.

Solution: Code fix.



Problem: IBM Business Process Center SI might have incorrect SI type.

Solution: Code fix.

IBM Business Process Manager


Problem: Incorrect branding for CA Access control.

Solution: Code fix.

CA Access Control


Problem: Docker pattern creates Detail nodes with inadequate short_names.

Solution: Code fix.



Problem: BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security amd BEA WebLogic Integration patterns report incorrect product_version.

Solution: Code fix.


Problem: Microsoft DNS Server reports incorrect product_version.

Solution: Code fix.

Microsoft DNS Server


Problem: Apache HTTPD-based Webservers Extended Discovery sometimes does not extract the server_root correctly.

Solution: Code fix.

Apache HTTPD-based Webservers - Extended Discovery Pattern


Problem: BMC Patrol Dashboard does not correctly report EOL data due to missing known versions and incorrect product version retrieval.

Solution: Code fix.


Esc 069611

Problem: The IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench and IBM InfoSphere QualityStage SI's are not created.

Solution: Code fix.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server

Esc 061570

Problem: Some hosts link to the Oracle cluster incorrectly.

Solution: Code fix.

Oracle Clusterware

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