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BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2015-Aug-1 is a deliverable for BMC Atrium Discovery 9.0, 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2 series.


In TKU March 2015, privileged execution configuration using the pattern configuration files is deprecated. It is recommended to use the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration instead. Previous TKU releases introduced some important changes to the CMDB Sync mapping and Oracle Database modeling.

Release Compatibility

TKU 2015-Aug-1 is released in the following streams:

  • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 9.x series
  • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 10.x series


Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. If you are a customer or partner and do not already have a login please contact your BMC account manager.

Check out this demo if you are unsure how to download from BMC EPD site.


The release comprises components packaged as two entities:

  • BMC Atrium Discovery Extended Data Pack, which is a separately licensable product.
    • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate Atrium Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of certain host Operating Systems as well as versions of certain software products
    • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populate Atrium Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.
  • BMC Atrium Discovery for Storagewhich is a separately licensable product. 
    • Storage Systems: Patterns that model various Storage Systems. See the full list of supported storage devices here. Note that there is no new content delivered in this release.
    • Improvements on existing Storage patterns. See what we have fixed or improved in existing patterns in the Storage Systems Release Notes page.  

Installation and Upgrade

  • Atrium Discovery 9.0 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • Atrium Discovery 10.0 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • Atrium Discovery 10.1 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • Atrium Discovery 10.2 series - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here

A matrix covering ALL commands executed and ALL files retrieved by the patterns is available to our customers from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. The filename is TKU_Command_File_Matrix-2015-08-1.xls

New Products









Product Page

ApacheDrillSQL query engineUnixYYApache Drill
Deep ISDeep EngineInformation processing systemUnixYYDeep Engine
BMCTrueSight Operations Management Server YYBMC TrueSight Operations Management
ElasticElasticsearchSearch and DiscoveryUnixYYElasticsearch
TerracottaTerracotta Universal MessagingInstant Communication ApplicationsUnix, WindowsYYTerracotta Universal Messaging
ClustrixClustrix DBRelational Database Management SystemsUnixYYClustrixDB
MarkLogicMarkLogicNonrelational Database Management SystemUnix, WindowsYYMarkLogic
TIBCOTIBCO Master Data ManagementData Integration and Access SoftwareUnixYYTIBCO Master Data Management


Enhanced Pattern Modules


RFE ref.

Product Page


SI Key Change

QM001884577Oracle WebLogic ServerWebLogic BEA_HOME extraction issueN
QM001884573Red Hat JBoss Application Server RedHat.JBoss.ApplicationServer pattern is not assigning edition correctlyN
QM001883461Symantec NetBackup PureDiskSymantecNetBackupPureDisk.tpl package versionning does not work in certain casesN
QM001885030Oracle MySQL ServerThe MySQL_AB.MySQL_RDBMS.DatabaseServer pattern isn't discovering some running instances of MySQLN
TKU-4462Apache KafkaApache Kafka in clustered modeN
TKU-4640BMC Control-MPossible incorrect model for BMC Control-M N
QM001883595Red Hat JBoss Application ServerDetect the version of JBoss Application Server SIN
QM001884735CitrixXenAppTKU enhancement request of pattern CitrixXenDomain in module Citrix.XenVMN
QM001884848Sybase ASEECA Error: Sybase.SybaseASE_Extended.DatabasesAndTables loopback interface in bind_address issueN




Defects Resolved

The following defects have been fixed in this BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update.

Defect No


Product Page


Problem: Nagios NRPE Agent is triggering on the Windows platform
Solution: Code fix. 

Nagios Suite

Problem: Version number for Microsoft Systems Management Server Site Server cannot be extracted
Solution: Code fix .

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Problem : Incorrect relationship creation in HP Diagnostics pattern
Solution: Code fix. 

HP Diagnostics
QM001884046Problem: Extended MS SQL Database Discovery Failing. The pattern was updated with edition extraction for version 2014 and reference tables
Solution: Code fix. 

Problem: Too restrictive trigger in Docker
Solution: Code fix. 


Problem: Updated the pattern of Oracle Clusterware
Solution: Code fix. 

Oracle Clusterware



Configuration upgrade

In this release the following patterns have the configuration block updated:

  • The list is under construction.

Updating to this TKU will reset any custom configuration for these products to the default values.

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