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BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2012-May-1 is a deliverable for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.2 and 8.3 series.

Release Compatibility

TKU 2012-May-1 is released in two streams:

  • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 8.2 series
  • Release compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery 8.3 series


TKU May (TKU 2012-May-1) is not compatible with nor supported on versions of BMC Atrium Discovery before v8.2.0


Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. If you are a customer or partner and do not already have a login please contact your BMC account manager.

Check out this demo if you are unsure how to download from BMC EPD site


The release comprises of components packaged as two licensable entities:

  • BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update
    • Core - Patterns that model various software products
    • Deep Database discovery - Patterns that extend some of the core database patterns to obtain additional detailed information about certain databases
    • Deep J2EE discovery - Patterns that obtain detailed information about certain application servers
    • Network Device Integration Module with associated Network Device definition files (compatible with Atrium Discovery 8.2.01 and above) and Printer definition files (compatible with Atrium Discovery 8.3 and above)
    • System - Patterns that detect configuration issues and populate Discovery Conditions as well as patterns used by the CMDB sync system
  • BMC Atrium Discovery Extended Data Pack
    • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate Atrium Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of certain host Operating Systems as well as versions of certain software products
    • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populate Atrium Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.

To see some of the highlights of this release visit the May In The Spotlight Page

Installation and Upgrade

  • Atrium Discovery 8.2.00 - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • Atrium Discovery 8.2.01 and later - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here
  • Atrium Discovery 8.3.00 - Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here

A matrix covering ALL commands executed and ALL files retrieved by the patterns is available to our customers from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website. The filename is TKU_Command_File_Matrix-2012-05-1.xls

In this Release

New Pattern Modules

Vendor Product Category Platforms Instances Versioning Product Page
IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Business Rules Management Systems UNIX, Windows Y Y

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Microsoft Systems Management Server Change and Configuration Management Software Windows Y Y

Microsoft Systems Management Server

Symantec Critical System Protection Data Integration and Access Software UNIX, Windows Y Y

Symantec Critical System Protection

Trend Micro Deep Security Security and Vulnerability Management Software UNIX, Windows Y Y

Trend Micro Deep Security

Enhanced Pattern Modules

RFE ref. Product Enhancement SI Key Change Product Page
QM001668288 OpenVZ Containers Virtualization\\ \\ Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Patterns have had the criteria to create the Software Instance nodes representing the OpenVZ Container / Parallels Virtuozzo Container relaxed slightly to cater for different configurations possible N

OpenVZ Containers Virtualization

Parallels Virtuzzo Containers

QM001741176 CA SiteMinder File versioning method used for obtaining version on the UNIX platforms improved based on customer feedback N

CA SiteMinder

QM001744917 Microsoft Exchange Server Pattern enhanced with a method to obtain edition information for versions 2007 and 2010 of the product N

Microsoft Exchange Server

QM001749039 SAP Business Suite SAP Application Server pattern has been enhanced with active versioning method N

SAP Business Suite

QM001750403 Sun Solaris Logical Domains Logical Domain Manager pattern updated to allow optionally for the command that lists the logical domains to be executed with elevated privileges, provided the user has enabled this and has defined the privilege elevation method in the relevant (Solaris) platform discovery script in Atrium Discovery UI N

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

QM001752221\\ \\ QM001752700 TIBCO Enterprise Message Service TIBCO EMS pattern has been enhanced to obtain details of queues, topics and users on the EMS instance and display this information in the Atrium Discovery UI Y

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

QM001753341 Oracle Active Data Guard Oracle Active Data Guard pattern has been enhanced with an improved trigger and the model for the Software Instance created N

Oracle Data Guard

QM001754207 Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Windows SharePoint Services pattern has been updated with an improved version mapping approach to help handle more recent versions of the product N

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services

ISS03934196 Oracle (BEA) WebLogic Application Server WebLogic Application Server patterns enhanced with improved code to locate config.xml files in order to enable extended J2EE discovery N

BEA WebLogic Application Server

#15780\\ #15859\\ #15904\\ #15905\\ #15909\\ #16011\\ #16012\\ #16023 BEA AquaLogic Business Process Management\\ BMC Patrol Agent\\ HP OpenView ServiceCenter\\ IBM FileNet Fax\\ IBM Lotus Expeditor\\ IBM FileNet Content Services\\ IBM FileNet Image Import\\ IBM Rational Build Forge Code in the patterns (for the listed products) that searches for and creates relationships to related SoftwareInstance nodes replaced with standardised code in a common pattern module N

BEA AquaLogic Business Process Management
BMC Patrol Agent
HP OpenView ServiceCenter
IBM FileNet Fax
IBM Lotus Expeditor
IBM FileNet Content Services
IBM FileNet Image Import
IBM Rational Build Forge

#15921 IBM Rational Business Developer Pattern updated with an improved trigger condition and improved handling of licensing detail nodes N

IBM Rational Business Developer

- Apache HTTPD-based Webservers Pattern updated with an improvement to the active versioning method when Oracle HTTP Server is discovered N

Apache HTTPD-based Webservers

- IBM CICS IBM CICS Transaction Gateway and Universal client patterns have been considerably enhanced to improve the SI model that is created as well as adding edition and build information. Y

IBM CICS Transaction Gateway

The following defects have been fixed in BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2012-May-1

Case No Defect No Details Product Page
ISS03919000 QM001744500 Problem: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and later are not discovered by the current pattern even though Microsoft SharePoint Services are Solution: Microsoft SharePoint Server pattern has been considerably overhauled, updating the model created for Microsoft SharePoint Server. The pattern now creates the Microsoft SharePoint Server SI as a 2nd order SI with a trigger being Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (or SharePoint Foundation) SI as the SharePoint Server is based directly off this product

Microsoft SharePoint

ISS03932917 QM001749482 Problem: Microsoft .NET pattern may incorrectly remove .NET SIs on a rescan of a host due to a faulty SI management algorithm Solution: Code fix. Algorithm to manage .NET SIs on the host updated.

Microsoft .NET

ISS03941449\\ ISS03924146\\ ISS03942209 QM001750370 Problem: Pattern that performs extended database discovery of PostgreSQL Database issues a command that may in certain circumstances adversely impact ADDM discovery performance Solution: Code fix. More conditions need to be satisfied before the command is executed by the pattern

PostgreSQL RDBMS - Database Detail Pattern

ISS03945143 QM001751647 Problem: IBM Rational Requirements Composer and IBM Rational Team Concert patterns can exit with an ECA Engine error under certain conditions. These patterns are dependent on IBM Rational Jazz Server pattern (trigger on Rational Jazz Server SI) Solution: Issue was caused by a defect in IBM Rational Jazz Server pattern where the mechanism for removal of the SI was using a faulty algorithm which has now been fixed

IBM Rational Jazz Server

ISS03935619\\ ISS03945959\\ ISS03951241\\ ISS03952570\\ ISS03953539\\ ISS03956714\\ ISS03957632\\ ISS03958960 QM001751678 Problem: Following a large overhaul in TKU April, WebLogic Application Server pattern (Windows) can exit with an ECA engine error when discovering WebLogic Application Server running as a service on Microsoft Windows platform Solution: Code fix.

BEA WebLogic Application Server

ISS03946384 QM001751745 Problem: BusinessObjects Web Intelligence pattern can exit with an ECA engine error if the result of the WMI query to obtain the version information does not contain the 'Version' attribute (and related value) Solution: Code fix. Pattern updated with a stricter test for the result returned

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

ISS03948450 QM001752102 Problem: Remedy AR System Flashboards pattern can exit with an ECA engine error if the version extracted is not of the format a.b.c.d Solution: Code fix. Regular expression used to parse version obtained has been improved

BMC Remedy AR System

ISS03946528 QM001752970 Problem: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client pattern has an incorrect package name for the AIX platform in the list of packages used in the package versioning method Solution: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server and Client pattern have had the package list used in the package versioning method corrected and updated for all supported platforms

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

ISS03951253 QM001753001 Problem: Patterns in the Oracle Application Server module may not set the _product_version_ attribute of the SI in certain cases even though _version_ attribute has been populated Solution: Code fix. Patterns updated with method to ensure that _product_version_ attribute is set

Oracle Application Server

ISS03934932 QM001753504 Problem: The extended Apache Tomcat pattern can exit with an ECA engine error when it encounters an unexpected time format in the log files it parses and tries to then convert this to a time type variable in Atrium Discovery Solution: Pattern updated further with code to handle the variations in the time format in the log file

Apache Tomcat

ISS03954939 QM001753785 Problem: Following a large overhaul in TKU April, WebLogic Application Server pattern (UNIX) can exit with an ECA engine error when discovering WebLogic Application Server where the config.xml file contains _channels_ information Solution: Code fix.

BEA WebLogic Application Server

ISS03951259 QM001754206 Problem: Oracle TNS Listener pattern from TKU April 2012 can fail to parse certain listener.ora files leading to failure to obtain listening IP and port details Solution: Code fix. Parsing of listener.ora file improved.

Oracle RDBMS

- #16010 Pattern updated with an improved code to manage Software Instance ageing

IBM FileNet Content Manager

- #16027 Algorithm for determining whether the product is present on the scanned host has been improved to make it less likely that false positives will occur

IBM Rational Requirements Composer

ISS03916697 #16042

Problem: Host node 'os_class' attribute for VMware ESX/ESXi was changed in Atrium Discovery 8.3 from 'UNIX' to 'Other' as it is a Hypervisor. This can impact patterns that trigger on instances of ESX Server (when discovered via ssh) and use the 'os_class' attribute to run specific parts of the code (typically related to versioning)

Solution: Continuing on from TKU April, and additional set of patterns was reviewed and updated if required. Products for which patterns were updated are listed

BMC CONTROL-M Business Process Integration Suite
BMC Impact Manager
BMC Recovery Manager
HP Data Protector
HP Mercury SiteScope
HP Performance Manager
HP Virtual Machine Management Pack
Oracle Berkeley DB
Oracle Coherence
Symantec VERITAS CommandCentral Storage

- #16074 Problem: The format of 'product_version' attribute in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Application Center patterns contains SP information which is not consistent with other patterns - this information should be stored in the 'service_pack' attribute. Furthermore, SP information is written as 'SP 1', 'SP 2', etc and should be 'SP1', 'SP2', etc. Solution: Patterns updated and SP information moved to the correct attribute. Content of 'name' attribute left the same (including SP information if present)

Microsoft Application Center
Microsoft SQL Server

- #16109 Problem: The Oracle pattern may incorrectly parse either the output of lsnrctl command or contents of listener.ora file and use port information related to HTTP/FTP protocols in the list of Oracle listening ports Solution: Code fix. Parsing of lsnrctl command and listener.ora improved

Oracle RDBMS

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