Storage Systems Information


This is the home page for Storage System Information documentation. The documentation is divided into the following sections:

  • Release notes and notices: Accompany each product release and provide details of new features introduced in that release as well as known issues/workarounds.
  • Approaches to storage discovery: A description of the different approaches BMC Atrium Discovery uses to discover storage components.

Supported storage systems

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  1. So where is the NetApp NAS device support documented?

    1. Hi Frank,

      I've just added the following page: NetApp NAS Storage Systems

      It should be visible in the TOC at the side.


  2. Will EMC storage expand to support VPLEX in future releases? if so when is the estimated road map?

    1. Thanks for raising this question. Yes EMC VPLEX is part of our roadmap and we are currently targeting to support it in Q1FY16 (meaning no later than June 2015).

      1. Hi Jean-Louis.  Is VPLEX supported now?

        1. Hi Jeff, we are actually working on it and we expect to release it soon TKU February or TKU March 2016.


  3. Can we discovery using SRM ( Storage resource management)?




  5. Hi,

    Is EMC centera discovery supported.


    1. Thanks for your question. EMC Centura storage systems are actually EOL. See here what EMC say about it: They also mention most organizations have migrated/upgraded to EMC Isilon or EMC VNX systems instead we do currently support (see the links above).


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