This page lists all storage device products that have product life cycle date patterns included in the Extended Data Pack 2018-January-1. The list comprises of data for:

  • 1 vendor
  • 4 models

How Storage Device Life Cycle Patterns Can Help You

You can use storage device life cycle patterns to:

  • Identify storage devices that are exposed to security / stability risks as they are no longer supported by patch updates
  • Identify storage devices that you may be paying a premium maintenance subscription for
  • Identify storage devices that are no longer shipping so may increase costs and risks associated with variance

Product Life Cycle Terminology

The product life cycle dates include the following milestones where made available and used by the vendor. Note some vendors use different terminology and definitions, in these cases we have aligned to the closest matching definition.

  • End Of Life (EOL) - at this milestone the vendor will stop shipping the particular model
  • End Of Support (EOS) - at this milestone the vendor will stop providing patch updates for the particular model
  • End Of Extended Support (EOES) - at this milestone the vendor will stop providing support for the particular model.

Storage Device Life Cycle Data Supported











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