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    Find out more about contributing

    Sharing your Knowledge and work is easy. Our contribution form can be used to submit patterns and evidence.

    What about other contributions?

    We have previously accepted community created dashboards and reports. We are not currently doing so, as submissions tended to be too specific to be of use in a shared environment.

    Why Contribute?

    Whether you use BMC Atrium Discovery or not there is value to be realised by sharing your Knowledge with peers on Configipedia.



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    Why Share?

    • Help yourself and your peers address real world software configuration issues
    • Accelerate availability of ADDM patterns & reports to help you address these issues at scale
    • Reciprocate - sharing is self-fulfilling, your sharing will encourage others to share
    • Stand out, get noticed by your peers




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    1. Unknown User (

      Is anyone capturing the physical unit serial number on your IBM Power 7 and Power 8 equipment  using ADDM discovery.  If so, how are you accomplishing this using ADDM.  We are only discovering the LPAR's on the systems ( System Serial Number)