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The SteelCentral Riverbed AppResponse NetworkDevice is discovered via the REST API. The initial call is issued to hostname's web root to obtain the landing page of the device. After the page is verified, the redirect location is extracted from the response headers, and the second API call is issued (Basic Web API authentication is used). Finally, the third API call fetches the information about the device from "/api/common/1.0/info" URI. 


  • BMC Discovery v12.0  or higher.
  • Basic Web API credentials added for the device.

Discovered Network Device Information

Network Device InformationDescription
NameThe name of the Riverbed AppResponse system (set by the user during the device registration/setup).
TypeThe type name of the Network Device ("Network Infrastructure").
VendorThe network device vendor ("Riverbed").
ModelThe model name ("SteelCentral AppResponse {model}").
Serial NumberThe AppResponse system serial number.
OSThe name of the software ("Customized Linux-based OS").
OS VendorThe vendor of the software ("Riverbed").
OS VersionThe version number of the software.
VirtualIndicates whether the device is virtual or not (Boolean).


No known limitations.