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Extended Network Devices Discovery updates are delivered as a part of monthly Technology Knowledge Update. For more information, please, see the latest TKU and OS Upgrade documentation.

New Features and Enhancements

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IDDetailsImproved in
DRDC1-15166Provided support for the VDOM technology on the FortiGate firewalls.TKU 2020-Sep-1
DRDC1-14740Support of the VSX technology for the Checkpoint FWTKU 2020-Aug-1
DRDC1-12349Report product IDs for Cisco network devicesTKU 2019-Nov-1
DRDC1-13138Duplicated serial number for "logical" stack device and "physical" stack membersTKU 2019-Oct-1
DRDC1-12486Integration request for HP Access Points MSM4xx devices managed by Wireless Controller MSM760TKU 2019-Oct-1
DRDC1-12827Stack Members should include the name of the Stack deviceTKU 2019-Mar-1
DRDC1-11991Patterns updated to support clustered wireless controllers, key for Access Point devices changedTKU 2018-Oct-1
DRDC1-10986Fixed bug with incorrect stack removalTKU 2018-Mar-1
DRDC1-11211Stack patterns updated to support 'shared' stack members, key for Cisco FEX stack member devices changedTKU 2018-July-1