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Pure Storage FlashArray storage systems are discovered via their own Pure Storage Embedded SMI-S Provider. The SMI-S Provider is embedded with the Purity operating system. Pure Storage FlashArray storage systems are discovered by scanning the purity host on which the SMI-S provider is running. Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Discovery.


  • SMI-S provider enabled.The SMI-S provider can be enabled through the Purity GUI (System > Configuration > SMI-S > Enable) and Purity CLI (puresmis command).
  • Credentials to log into the Pure Storage storage system. They should be entered as WBEM credentials in BMC Discovery for the storage system IP address. It can be a directory service account (such as Microsoft Active Directory account or OpenLDAP account) with Readonly permission.
  • Pure Storage REST credentials are needed to discover the serial number of the storage system. Open the Credentials Page > Add > Web API > Pure Storage Web API and enter the Pure Storage REST credentials (username/password).

  • Network access on a WBEM port (5988 for http or 5989 for https) from the BMC Discovery server to the storage array.

Vendor Specific Information

No known vendor specific information.

Discovered Storage Information


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