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BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2019-May-1 contains the following additional product content for the BMC Discovery 11.3 and 11.2 series:

Product content updates require appliance restart

When product content is added, the appliance is restarted as part of the update. You are given the opportunity to prevent the restart, though if you do so, none of the knowledge content will be installed.

Distributed Storage Model Discovery

In the TKU May release we have introduced a new Distributed Storage Model.

The Distributed Storage Model is a set of multiple physical systems where storage capacity and computing power are grouped together to behave as one single storage system (cluster). 

The following patterns are now based on the Distributed Storage Model:

Distributed Storage Model dedicated page can be found here.


The following Distributed Storage RFEs were resolved in Product Content 2019-May-1:

  • Added  support for VMware vSAN Storage. (DRDC1-12368)
  • Added support for NetApp SolidFire Storage. (DRDC1-10785) 
  • Added the StorageSystemGroup to the Quick View (Home and Explore Data pages). (DRDC1-13005)
  • Added  support for Distributed Storage Systems. (DRDC1-12267)
  • Sync mapping updated for Distributed Storage Systems. (DRDC1-12272)
  • Updated SyncMapping DeviceEndpoints for StorageSystem and StorageSystemGroup. (DRDC1-13086)
  • Hitachi HNAS link IPAddress/NetworkInterface and StorageSystem node. (DRDC1-12795)

Other defects

The following additional defects were resolved in Product Content 2019-May-1:

  • "Quick View" summary has a suboptimal collection of node kinds. (DRUD1-25811)
  • Model attribute is not populated for Cloud Loadbalancer service. (DRUD1-25975)
  • AWS Gov Cloud role switching may use wrong region. (DRDC1-13233)

 More information about Cloud Discovery can be found here.

Changes to discovery commands

The following changes were introduced in Product Content 2019-May-1:

  •  AWS Lambda function was converted to python 3. 

The following code: 

 # Construct the URL for the events endpoint of the BMC Discovery REST API
    url = urlparse.urlunparse((
        os.environ.get('BMC_DISCOVERY_API_PROTOCOL', 'https'),
        '/api/v1.0/events', '', '', ''))

was replaced with:

 # Construct the URL for the events endpoint of the BMC Discovery REST API
    url = urlunparse((
        os.environ.get('BMC_DISCOVERY_API_PROTOCOL', 'https'),
        '/api/v1.0/events', '', '', ''))

Model changes

The following model changes were introduced in Product Content 2019-May-1:

  • Updated taxonomy for Distributed Storage Systems. (DRDC1-12270)
  • Updated visualization for Distributed Storage Systems. (DRDC1-12271)
  • Updated ECA removal rules for Distributed Storage Systems. (DRDC1-12273)
  • Added specific for NetApp link: HardwareContainer/StorageSystem. (DRDC1-12925)
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