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Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2019-Dec-1 contains the following additional product content for the BMC Discovery 11.3 and 11.2 series:

Product content updates require appliance restart

When product content is added, the appliance is restarted as part of the update. You are given the opportunity to prevent the restart, though if you do so, none of the knowledge content will be installed.

Node changes in Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2019-Dec-1

TKU December 2019 enhances the model for Cloud Regions and Cloud Services to be segregated by account. If you discover more than one AWS Account, more than one Azure Subscription or more than one GCP Project, all the data from Cloud Region through to individual nodes within services will be clearly separated, where before it was intermingled.

As a result, the keys of all CloudRegion and CloudService nodes, and many contained nodes will change, even if you only discover a single account. If you synchronize to a CMDB, the identities of the corresponding CIs will also change.

The existing nodes are not deleted automatically with the application of the TKU. To remove the old nodes from the BMC Discovery model, you can delete the patterns that were deactivated by the new patterns in the TKU. However, the old CIs in the CMDB will not be deleted automatically. The simplest way to remove them is to perform a resynchronization.

Feature updates

  1.  Added support for the following AWS Inventory Resources:
  2. Added enhanced support for enhanced the support for AWS role-switching
  3. Added support for the following Microsoft Azure Inventory Resources:
  4. Added Tags support for AWS API Gateway object. (DRDC1-13080)
  5. Added support for Google Cloud Region Europe West 6 Zurich. (DRDC1-14177).
    More information about Cloud Discovery can be found here.

Other defects

No additional defects were resolved in Product Content 2019-Dec-1.

Changes to discovery commands

No changes to discovery commands were introduced in Product Content 2019-Dec-1.

Model changes

For the December release we've split cloud resources by account. (DRUD1-26224)

Please refer Cloud Region and Cloud Service pages for node views of the updates and some additional information. 

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