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BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2017-Nov-1 contains the following additional product content for BMC Discovery 11.2 series:

Product content updates require appliance restart

When product content is added, the appliance is restarted as part of the update. You are given the opportunity to prevent the restart, though if you do so, none of the knowledge content will be installed.

OpenStack discovery

OpenStack provides open source cloud software used to create public or private clouds. OpenStack software enables you to have virtualized computing platforms, as public clouds, private clouds hosted by a cloud provider, or in your own data center.

You access and configure all of your services, using the OpenStack Dashboard (horizon). Horizon is the product name for the dashboard component. Most other OpenStack components, known as projects, have product names, for example, the Compute Service is called nova. For more information see the OpenStack project navigator.

BMC Discovery enables you to discover your cloud services running in OpenStack. The following set of services can be discovered at the initial release of the discovery of OpenStack:

  • Compute (nova)
  • Block storage (cinder)
  • Load balancers (neutron)
  • Load balancers (octavia) – also includes neutron load balancers
  • Orchestration (heat)
  • Shared file systems (manila)

See Discovering OpenStack for more information.

Feature updates

Discovery of the following Amazon Web Services (AWS) services is now supported:

The following improvement has been made to AWS discovery:

  • Connection timeout added fixing issues where failure to timeout prevented discovery of AWS instance ID on Linux VMs. (DRUD1-21799)

The following improvement has been made to Microsoft Azure discovery:

  • Some Azure discovery calls failed with Failed to get API versioning info: 'servers/firewallrules'. This was as a result of an Azure API change; it no longer occurs. (DRUD1-21803)

For more information, see Discovering Amazon Web Services and Discovering Microsoft Azure.

Other defects

The following additional defects were resolved in Product Content 2017-Nov-1:

  • Software load balancers were being synced to CMDB though they should not have been. This is no longer the case. (DRUD1-21495)
  • Calling the REST API /vault/credentials endpoint with an incorrect type for the type field results in 503 Service currently unavailable. (DRUD1-21177)

Changes to discovery commands

The following changes have been made to the discovery commands:

Linux and VMware ESX hostinfo scripts

The following code:

aws_instance_id=`curl 2>/dev/null` 

Is replaced with:

aws_instance_id=`curl --connect-timeout 5 2>/dev/null` 

Model changes

No changes have been made to the taxonomy in this TKU release.