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Before 2010

TKU January 2009

In TKU January 2009 module name changed so that the module namespace is extended.

TKU October 2009

In TKU October 2009 updates for CDM mapping.

TKU December 2009

In TKU September 2009 updated trigger process for version 8.2, Port attribute is set as a string value.

2011 - 2015

TKU December 2011

In TKU December 2011 updated pattern to add code to obtain port and version information from file if not obtained from the existing methods

TKU February 2012

In TKU February 2012 updated pattern to add attributes for PostgreSQL 'bin' and 'data' directories.

TKU August 2014

In TKU August 2014, the pattern was updated to model additional attributes for the Software Instance:

  • short_name (TKU-2353)
  • listening_ports (TKU-2355)

After 2015

TKU June 2016

In TKU June 2016 the trigger process was updated.

TKU March 2017

In TKU March 2017 support for EnterpriseDB Postgres Advanced Server was added into the pattern module.

Added support for installation on IBM PowerHA Cluster(DRDC1-7514)

TKU November 2017

In TKU November 2017 support for Infobright database was added. (DRDC1-8026)

TKU June 2018

In TKU June 2018 the pattern was updated to model additional attributes for the Software Instance:

  • conf_dir (DRDC1-11434)
  • bind_address (DRDC1-11453)

TKU August 2018

In TKU August 2018 we updated regex for port attribute extraction to avoid Database Server SIs fusion. (DRDC1-11794)

TKU September 2018

In TKU September 2018 we improved package versioning

TKU October 2018

In TKU October 2018 the following updates were implemented:

  • we added  '<bin_dir>/psql -p <port> -t -l ' command to PostgreSQL RDBMS - Database Detail Pattern to retrieve DB list.(|DRDC1-11833)
  • bind_address extraction approach was added. Now the pattern takes the value from postgresql.conf file. (DRDC1-11560)
  • data_path value was added into the SI key to split DB Servers running on the same host and have identical ports. (DRDC1-11560)

TKU November 2018

In TKU November 2018 the following updates were implemented:

  • Added bind_adress to the PostgreSQL Server name to make it more unique. (DRDC1-12238)
  • Added a check for the case when bind_adress = localhost (DRDC1-12297)

TKU December 2018

In TKU December 2018 added a check for the case when bind_adress = (DRDC1-12384)

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU May 2019

In TKU May 2019 added correct publisher and product attributes to SI (DRDC1-13161)

TKU July 2019

In TKU July 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Added port extraction approach from args on Windows (DRDC1-13252)

TKU September 2019

In TKU September 2019 additional attributes are visible on PostgreSQL.

TKU January 2020

In TKU January 2020 was updated regex to extract bind address (DRDC1-14352)

TKU April 2020

In TKU April 2020 was removed trailing directory separator in data_dir (DRDC1-14655)

TKU July 2020

In TKU July 2020 added Fujitsu publisher (DRDC1-15164)

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