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Oracle ZFS NAS storage systems are discovered using SNMP. When an SNMP discovery of an IP address finds a storage entity, a Storage Device node representing the chassis is created. The creation or confirmation of the Storage Device node triggers the appropriate storage discovery pattern. The storage discovery pattern continues discovery of the storage entity using further SNMP requests to discover the associated storage components. Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Atrium Discovery.


  • SNMP credentials valid for the Oracle ZFS storage device.
  • BMC Atrium Discovery must be on a network that can access the Oracle ZFS storage device.

Supported Platforms/Versions

Runs SNMP queries for Oracle ZFS using SUN-AK-MIB, OID

Discovered Storage Information

Vendor Specific Information

Oracle ZFS storage system has System Object ID ( that belongs to a Net-SNMP Solaris generic agent but Oracle ZFS devices expose extra information on specific oids that allow BMC Atrium Discovery to further classify them as ZFS storage system.


Oracle ZFS storage system does not provide Disks and Clustering related information via SNMP, so BMC Atrium Discovery is currently not able to discover this information.

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