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BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2021-Jan-1 for BMC Discovery 11.3, 12.0 and 20.08 series includes updates to the Network Device Integration Module and associated Network Device, Printer and SNMP Managed Device definition files, enabling customers to obtain network device support in between the releases of BMC Discovery. It also embeds the OS Classifier definition files. Full list of supported SNMP devices can be found here.


Network Device Integration Module delivered in BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2021-Jan-1 is compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery version 11.3 and later.


Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here for BMC Discovery 11.3 here, BMC Discovery 12.0. here and BMC Discovery 20.08 here.

Content described in the page is applied to the DEV instance of BMC Helix Discovery on December 16 and the PROD instance on the following week.
For more information on the BMC Helix Discovery release, see Recent updates.

New SNMP Device Definitions

The following new network device definitions have been added within the scope of TKU 2021-Jan-1

RFE ref.

Device sysObjectId




DRDC1-162801. CorporationApeosPort C4570Printer
DRDC1-162261. Minoltabizhub C458Printer
DRDC1-162281. Minoltabizhub C368Printer
DRDC1-162291. Minoltabizhub C3350iPrinter
DRDC1-162301. Minoltabizhub C250iPrinter
DRDC1-162311. Minoltabizhub C300iPrinter
DRDC1-162451. SystemsNexus 93360YC-FX2Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-161661. CX 6410 (R0X25A)Layer 3 switch
DRDC1-155161. CommunicationsAN-50eBridge/Extender
DRDC1-162051. r9210Other
DRDC1-162051. r9200Other
DRDC1-158841. NAS
DRDC1-163291. NetworksEX4650-48Y-8CLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-163261. 900BFirewall
DRDC1-162621. SystemsMeraki MR36Access Point
DRDC1-161931. ApplianceOther
DRDC1-161751. S5735-S48T4XLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-162391. SystemsISR 1100-6GRouter
DRDC1-162401. SystemsISR 1100-4GRouter
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i7600LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i10600LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i12600LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i12800LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i15600LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i15800LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i11600LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i11800LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i11800-DSLoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i850LoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i11600-DSLoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i11400-DSLoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i7600-DLoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i7800-DLoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i15600-DNLoadBalancer
DRDC1-161821. NetworksBIG-IP i15800-DNLoadBalancer
DRDC1-161381. 40GFirewall/LoadBalancer
DRDC1-163131. S12700E-4Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-163211. S6730-H48X6CSwitch
DRDC1-162011. CorporationNetClock Model 9383Other
DRDC1-161981. SystemsSecure Network Server 3695Other
DRDC1-163301. 3 Switch
DRDC1-162271. InternationalMX521adePrinter
DRDC1-163001. 1000FLoadBalancer/Firewall
DRDC1-162741. SystemsIronPortGateway/Firewall/Router
DRDC1-162411. Point26000TFirewall
DRDC1-162491. 2540-24G-4SFP (JL354A)Switch
DRDC1-155131. Business 4GRouter
DRDC1-162791. SystemsMeraki MR46Access Point
DRDC1-161641. SystemsMeraki MR45Access Point
DRDC1-161491. VHD (IBPVHD-CH-AC)Switch
DRDC1-155141. BC+ 10kVA 3/1 (U4BC011B00NR-00)UPS
DRDC1-162681. Cloud Object StorageOther
DRDC1-162731. SystemsCatalyst 2960L-48TQ-LLSwitch

RFEs addressed in this release

The following RFEs have been added with the 2021-Jan-1

RFE ref.


DRDC1-15339Added network information (IPAddress, NetworkInterface, Subnet) for HP ILO 4 and ILO 5.
DRDC1-16145Added snmp device integration ( EX63000E-SEC).
DRDC1-11977Added support for the FireEye 1G AFO Switch device.
DRDC1-14471Added snmp device integration (Netscout 7995 /
DRDC1-16247Added support for HELiOS Operating System.
DRDC1-16015Updated approach to linkage managed Aruba APs

Defects addressed in this release

The following defects have been added with the 2021-Jan-1

Defect ref.


DRDC1-16128Problem: Missing a device information for Vertiv (Liebert) PDU.
Solution: Provided a population of the device serial number.
DRDC1-16200Problem: Incorrect device model name.
Solution: Improved a device model name for the Brocade-Dell.
DRDC1-16123Problem: Missing a device information for Symantec Management Center.
Solution: Improved a serial number OID for the Symantec Management Center.

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