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BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2020-Dec-1 for BMC Discovery 11.3, 12.0 and 20.08 series includes updates to the Network Device Integration Module and associated Network Device, Printer and SNMP Managed Device definition files, enabling customers to obtain network device support in between the releases of BMC Discovery. It also embeds the OS Classifier definition files. Full list of supported SNMP devices can be found here.


Network Device Integration Module delivered in BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2020-Dec-1 is compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery version 11.3 and later.


Installation and upgrade instructions are provided for BMC Discovery 11.3 here, BMC Discovery 12.0. here and BMC Discovery 20.08 here.

New SNMP Device Definitions

The following new network device RFEs have been added with the 2020-Dec-1

RFE ref.

Device sysObjectId




DRDC1-160751. Domain 3300Self-contained NAS
DRDC1-161371. S200Firewall
DRDC1-161311. S5735-L12T4S-ALayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-161351. 3 Switch
DRDC1-161331. S5735-S24P4XLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-161321. 8000 M1ARouter
DRDC1-161101. S5731-S24P4XLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-160471. NetEngine NE05E-SQRouter
DRDC1-160401. 2930F-48G-4SFP+ (JL254A)Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-160441. 200FOther
DRDC1-160451. 600ERouter/Firewall
DRDC1-160411. 3 Switch
DRDC1-156181. LAN Controller
DRDC1-160601. 8861-4C-EISwitch
DRDC1-161001. S5731-H24P4XCLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-160171. Managed Switch 9Switch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS3290-42Switch
DRDC1-151501. Access 1500 SCUAccess Server
DRDC1-160551. SystemsNexus 93216TC-FX2Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-161341. SystemsCatalyst 2960XR-24TS-ILayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-160631. S5731-S48T4XLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-160851. MinoltaSindoh N501Printer
DRDC1-160851. MinoltaSindoh N501Printer
DRDC1-160901. MinoltaAurora ADC 367Printer
DRDC1-161171. Minoltabizhub C3300iPrinter
DRDC1-154931. elmegRT1202Gateway
DRDC1-160161. SystemsIE-4010Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-159991. 3 Switch
DRDC1-160721. 3 Switch
DRDC1-160861. System ManagerOther
DRDC1-160701. SystemsNexus 92300YCLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-160711. 3 Switch
DRDC1-161391. 2000FLoadBalancer/Firewall
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS3280Switch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS3280-TSTSwitch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS3280-SSwitch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS3280-S-TSTSwitch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS3290-24Switch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS4140Switch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS4212Switch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksS4224Switch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksIND-3280-LSwitch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksIND-3284-LSwitch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksIND-3280-HSwitch
DRDC1-156951. NetworksIND-3284-HSwitch

RFEs addressed in this release

The following RFEs have been added with the 2020-Dec-1

RFE ref.


DRDC1-15909Huawei AP's discovering through Switch as WLC.
DRDC1-16121Improved device name for Hewlett-Packard 1810-8G V2.
DRDC1-15371Improved LoadBalancerMember linking to the Host.

Defects addressed in this release

The following Defects have been added with the 2020-Dec-1

Defect ref.


DRUD1-27024Problem: Model and serial number not discovered for MacOS.
Code fix.

Problem: The usage of OpenManageType caused an error.
Provided usage of dmmProductType. According to the vendor information the dmmProductType is equal to 3 or 4 for PowerEdge MX7000.

DRDC1-16054Problem: OS version different between logical and physical component of a stack.
Code fix.
DRDC1-16120Problem: Incorrect name for Hewlett-Packard ProCurve 1810G-8 (J9449A).
The name was changed to Hewlett-Packard ProCurve 1810-8G (J9449A).
DRDC1-16042Problem: Not enough reasoning scoring point for Discovery to distinguish between virtual and physical devices.
Added partition_id attribute to all F5 devices.

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