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BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2012-Aug-1 for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.2 and 8.3 series includes updates to the Network Device Integration Module and associated Network Device definition files, enabling customers to obtain network device support in between the releases of BMC Atrium Discovery. It also embeds the OS Classifier definition files.


The network device integration piece of BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2012-Aug-1 is compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery version 8.2.01 and later.


Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.2 series and here for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.3 series.

New Network Device Definitions

The following network device RFEs have been added with the TKU 2012-Aug-1

Case No RFE No Device sysObjectId Manufacturer Model Capabilities
ISS03778857, ISS03972576 QM001706752 Juniper Networks M320 Router
ISS03778857 QM001706760 Juniper Networks J2300 Router
ISS03922465 QM001745489 Foundry BigIron RX8 Layer 3 Switch
ISS03949090 QM001752357 D-Link DGS-3120-48TC Switch
ISS03931928 QM001753204 Blue Coat SG300 Web Caching
ISS03956372 QM001754080 Alcatel OmniSwitch 9800 Layer 3 Switch
ISS03950680 QM001754405 Cisco Nexus 3016 Layer 3 Switch
ISS03973380 QM001757783 Alcatel OmniSwitch 6850E-48X Layer 3 Switch
ISS03985667 QM001760701 Juniper Networks srx5800 Router, Firewall
ISS03989911 QM001761690 Cisco Nexus 3064 Layer 3 Switch
ISS03995891 QM001762849 Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T Layer 3 Switch

New Printer Definitions

The following Printer RFEs have been added with the TKU 2012-Aug-1

Case No RFE No Device sysObjectId Manufacturer Model Capabilities
ISS03908168 QM001739760 Xerox Corporation ApeosPort-IV C3370 Printer
ISS03908168 QM001739766 Xerox Corporation DocuCentre-II 4000 Printer
ISS03927317 QM001748590 Xerox Corporation DocuCentre a285 Printer
ISS03927317 QM001748591 Xerox Corporation DocuCentre-II C4300 Printer
ISS03927317 QM001748592 Xerox Corporation DocuCentre-IV C3370 Printer
ISS03927317 QM001748593 Xerox Corporation DocuCentre-IV C4470 Printer
ISS03927317 QM001748594 Xerox Corporation Document Centre C250 Printer
ISS03960417 QM001750100 Sharp AR-M351U Printer
ISS03945703 QM001751547 Lexmark W850 Printer
ISS03945708 QM001751550 Lexmark X658de Printer
ISS03945727 QM001751571 Lexmark X792 Printer
ISS03945730 QM001751576 Lexmark C543 Printer
ISS03942007 QM001752076 Konica Minolta bizhub C280 Printer
ISS03961332 QM001755140 Sharp MX-3100N Printer
ISS03960417 QM001755370 Sharp MX-2300N Printer
ISS03960417 QM001755371 Sharp MX-3610N Printer
ISS03960417 QM001755372 Sharp MX-4112N Printer
ISS03960417 QM001755375 Sharp MX-4501N Printer
ISS03960417 QM001756459 Sharp MX-4100N Printer
ISS03960417 QM001756463 Sharp MX-M450N Printer
ISS03976723 QM001758515 Konica Minolta bizhub C652 Printer
ISS03979659 QM001759245 Konica Minolta bizhub C280 Printer
ISS03979659 QM001759246 Konica Minolta bizhub C360 Printer
ISS03979843 QM001759704 Xerox Corporation DocuPrint C2255 Printer
ISS03979843 QM001759705 Xerox Corporation DocuPrint C2428 Printer
ISS03979843 QM001759706 Xerox Corporation DocuPrint C5005 Printer
ISS03998774 QM001763422 Xerox Corporation Phaser 5550DT Printer

RFE Implemented

The following network device definition RFE have been added into the TKU 2012-Aug-1

Case No RFE No Description
ISS03932838, ISS03938403 QM001763839

Disabling Get Bulk at device level rather than globally for Network devices + Printers - disabled for all Nexus. Applies to ADDM 8.3SP2+.

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