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BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2011-Oct-1 for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.2 and 8.3 series includes updates to the Network Device Integration Module and associated Network Device definition files, enabling customers to obtain network device support in between the releases of BMC Atrium Discovery.


The network device integration piece of BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2011-Oct-1 is compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery version 8.2.01 and later.


Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.2 series and here for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.3 series.

New Network Device Definitions

The following network device RFEs have been added with the TKU 2011-Oct-1

Case No RFE No Device sysObjectId Manufacturer Model Capabilities
ISS03812299 QM001715377 HP HP ProLiant C-Class BladeSystem GbE2c Ethernet Blade Switch Layer 3 Switch
ISS03814580 QM001715446 APC Smart-UPS UPS
ISS03814580 QM001715456 APC Smart-UPS-RT 5000 XL UPS
ISS03814580 QM001715462 APC Smart-UPS-3000 RM XL UPS
ISS03814580 QM001715465 APC UPS Network Management Card Other
ISS03798905 QM001715508 Cisco Cisco 2901 Router
ISS03798905 QM001715525 Cisco Catalyst 2940-8TF Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715530 Cisco Catalyst 3560E-24PD-S Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715532 Cisco Catalyst 2950-ST-24-LRE Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715534 Cisco Catalyst 2955T-12 Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715541 Cisco Catalyst 2950-8-LRE Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715542 Cisco Catalyst 2955S-12 Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715543 Cisco Catalyst 4503-E Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715544 Cisco Catalyst 2960PD-8TT-L Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715550 Cisco Catalyst 3550-24-DC Switch
ISS03798905 QM001715841 Cisco Catalyst 2955C-12 Switch
ISS03820647 QM001717370 Foundry BigIron RX Series Switch Layer 3 Switch
ISS03820647 QM001717372 Foundry FastIron FESX424R Layer 3 Switch
ISS03820647 QM001718299 Foundry FastIron SuperX-PREM Layer 3 Switch
ISS03826294 QM001718669 Cisco Cisco Nexus 5548UP Layer 3 Switch
ISS03828204 QM001718703 Cisco Cisco Nexus 5548P Layer 3 Switch
ISS03828204 QM001718989 Cisco Catalyst 3560X-48T-L-S Switch
ISS03828204 QM001719007 Cisco Cisco 3945E ISR Router
ISS03821255 QM001719319 Cisco Cisco 7613 Layer 3 Switch
ISS03821255 QM001719321 Cisco Cisco 7606-S Layer 3 Switch
ISS03821255 QM001719325 Cisco Cisco 7609-S Layer 3 Switch
ISS03832354 QM001719561 Cisco Catalyst 3560E-12SD Layer 3 Switch
ISS03834341 QM001720097 Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3040 Switch

Bugs Fixed

No network device definition fixes have been added into the TKU 2011-Oct-1

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