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BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2011-Feb-1 for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.2 series includes updates to the Network Device Integration Module and associated Network Device definition files, enabling customers to obtain network device support in between the releases of BMC Atrium Discovery.


The network device integration piece of BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2011-Feb-1 is compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery version 8.2.01 and later.


Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here.

New Network Device Definitions

The following network device RFEs have been added with the TKU 2011-Feb-1

Case No RFE No Device sysObjectId Manufacturer Model Capabilities
ISS03720003 QM001692125 Fortinet Fortigate 80CM Router / Firewall
ISS03699406 QM001687824 Cisco Catalyst 2960 Software Layer 3 Switch
ISS03634179 QM001687827 Cisco Catalyst 2960s Software Layer 3 Switch
ISS03700961 QM001686866 Dell PowerConnect 6220 Switch
ISS03720036 QM001692147 Dell PowerConnect 6224 Switch

Bugs Fixed

No network device definition fixes have been added into the TKU 2011-Feb-1

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