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BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2020-Oct-1 for BMC Discovery 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 12.0 and 20.08 (12.1) series includes updates to the Network Device Integration Module and associated Network Device, Printer and SNMP Managed Device definition files, enabling customers to obtain network device support in between the releases of BMC Discovery. It also embeds the OS Classifier definition files. Full list of supported SNMP devices can be found here.


Network Device Integration Module delivered in BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2020-Oct-1 is compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery version 11.1 and later.


Installation and upgrade instructions are provided here for BMC Discovery 11.1, BMC Discovery 11.2 here, BMC Discovery 11.3 here, BMC Discovery 12.0. here and BMC Discovery 20.08. (12.1) here.

New SNMP Device Definitions

The following new network device RFEs have been added with the 2020-Oct-1

RFE ref.

Device sysObjectId




DRDC1-158621. Alto NetworksPA-220RFirewall
DRDC1-157381. Point
DRDC1-156061. SystemsCatalyst C9404RLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-154191. P4300G2Self-contained NAS
DRDC1-152111. 4335Self-contained NAS
DRDC1-152111. 4730Self-contained NAS
DRDC1-153011. P4500G2Self-contained NAS
DRDC1-154521. SystemsTS-809USelf-contained NAS
DRDC1-151961. SystemsTS-809U-RPSelf-contained NAS
DRDC1-154521. SystemsTS-853USelf-contained NAS
DRDC1-154521. SystemsTS-853U-RPSelf-contained NAS
DRDC1-157621. VM64Firewall
DRDC1-158461. WS2000Switch
DRDC1-157631. Alto NetworksPA-3260Firewall
DRDC1-156681. Fabric FM 3032QLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-158521. InternationalCX625adhePrinter
DRDC1-157841. SystemsFirepower 1020Firewall
DRDC1-156171. NetworksThunder Series 5430SLayer 3 Switch / LoadBalancer
DRDC1-135721. Bypass Switch IBSGP-T-RWSwitch
DRDC1-158741. SystemsvEdge 5000Router
DRDC1-158691. 3 Switch
DRDC1-158401. SystemsISR 4461Router
DRDC1-153341. 124TTapeLibrary
DRDC1-157921. BN2000 (21043)Other
DRDC1-122161. ProductseConnect PDU (P6-1H0A1-B2A)Other
DRDC1-158501. NetworksIAP-515Access Point
DRDC1-158121. Minoltabizhub C368Printer
DRDC1-158121. Minoltabizhub C458Printer
DRDC1-157411. N3024PLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-158821. NetworksIAP-365Access Point
DRDC1-157981. 3 Switch
DRDC1-158641. NetworksDCS-7050SX3-48YC12Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-158651. NetworksDCS-7050CX3-32SLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-155201. NAS
DRDC1-153331. NAS
DRDC1-151361. NAS
DRDC1-158241. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-152001. NAS
DRDC1-158531. 3 Switch
DRDC1-158751. SystemsNexus 3132C-ZLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-158011. S400Firewall
DRDC1-158111. 500EFirewall
DRDC1-157361. SecurePSA-7000fOther
DRDC1-157361. SecurePSA-7000cOther
DRDC1-157691. Corporatione-STUDIO307Printer
DRDC1-158141. Corporatione-STUDIO 305Printer
DRDC1-158151. Networks 7850 VSAGateway
DRDC1-158151. Networks 210 WBXGateway
DRDC1-156201. CorporationDocuCentre-IV C3375Printer
DRDC1-154041. 3810M-40G-8SR-PoE+-1-slot Switch (JL076A)Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-157891. SystemsCatalyst C2960L-48TS-LLSwitch
DRDC1-148541. 2500EFirewall
DRDC1-155471. 61EFirewall
DRDC1-157401. Minoltabizhub C300iPrinter
DRDC1-13863, DRDC1-140111. MicroTippingPoint H1Firewall

RFEs addressed in this release

The following RFEs have been added with the 2020-Oct-1

RFE ref.


DRDC1-15733Added Xen Server IP address for Netscaler SDX.
DRDC1-15339Provided modelling of network information IPAddress, NetworkInterface, Subnet) on HP ILO 4 and ILO 5.
DRDC1-15863Support for Cisco 8812 Router (SysObjectID network device.

Added support for the new device QNAP NAS TS-853U-RP.

DRDC1-15799Added support Catalyst 3850 and 9300 as WLC.

Defects addressed in this release

The following Defects have been added with the 2020-Oct-1

Defect ref.



Problem: Inconsistency in the device serial numbers.
Solution: Fixed serial number for KONICA MINOLTA bizhub 4702P

DRDC1-15757Problem: Cisco Wireless LAN controller incorrectly discovered as Stack.
Solution: Code fix.

Problem: ECA error in 12.1 in VirtualDeviceLinking pattern while running virtual machine on network device.
Solution: Pattern updated in order to prevent ECA error in 12.1+  when accessing host.scope attribute, but the host is none.

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