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BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2020-May-2 for BMC Discovery 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 series includes updates to the Network Device Integration Module and associated Network Device, Printer and SNMP Managed Device definition files, enabling customers to obtain network device support in between the releases of BMC Discovery. It also embeds the OS Classifier definition files. Full list of supported SNMP devices can be found here


Network Device Integration Module delivered in BMC Atrium Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2020-May-2 is compatible with BMC Atrium Discovery version 11.1 and later.


Installation and upgrade instructions are provided for BMC Discovery 11.1 here, BMC Discovery 11.2 here, BMC Discovery 11.3 here.

New SNMP Device Definitions

The following new network device RFEs have been added to the 2020-May-2

RFE ref.

Device sysObjectId




DRDC1-148861. CorporationAltaLink C8030Printer
DRDC1-149101. Console Switch G2 (0x2x32)Other
DRDC1-150301. Console Switch G2 (1x1Ex8)Other
DRDC1-149711. Minoltabizhub 754ePrinter
DRDC1-149721. Minoltabizhub C658Printer
DRDC1-149731. Minoltabizhub C554ePrinter
DRDC1-149741. Minoltabizhub 4052Printer
DRDC1-149751. Minoltabizhub 308ePrinter
DRDC1-149761. Minoltabizhub C224ePrinter
DRDC1-149771. Minoltabizhub C3300iPrinter
DRDC1-149781. Minoltabizhub C284ePrinter
DRDC1-149791. Minoltabizhub 654ePrinter
DRDC1-149801. Minoltabizhub C558Printer
DRDC1-149841. Minoltabizhub C287Printer
DRDC1-149851. Minoltabizhub C360iPrinter
DRDC1-149861. Minoltabizhub 287Printer
DRDC1-149871. Minoltabizhub C458Printer
DRDC1-149881. Minoltabizhub 367Printer
DRDC1-149891. Minoltabizhub 284ePrinter
DRDC1-149901. Minoltabizhub C258Printer
DRDC1-149911. Minoltabizhub 3602PPrinter
DRDC1-149921. Minoltabizhub C3350iPrinter
DRDC1-149931. Minoltabizhub 227Printer
DRDC1-149941. Minoltabizhub C754ePrinter
DRDC1-146451. rPDUOther
DRDC1-150241. SystemsSG350-28Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-150271. SystemsSG300-10PPLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-150181. 7220Printer
DRDC1-150191. C6671Printer
DRDC1-150201. 6515Printer
DRDC1-150211. 3330Printer
DRDC1-150251. C2265Printer
DRDC1-150261. C3375Printer
DRDC1-149081. SystemsC1111-4PRouter
DRDC1-149001. SystemsMeraki MR42EAccess Point
DRDC1-148961. 3000DOther
DRDC1-148691. NetworksAPS-2600WAN Accelerator
DRDC1-149141. SystemsSG500-52Layer 3 Switch
DRDC1-150141. Corporatione-STUDIO3055CPrinter
DRDC1-150121. 3 Switch
DRDC1-150841. 3 Switch
DRDC1-150831. 3 Switch
DRDC1-150851. 3 Switch
DRDC1-149371. SystemsCIMCOther
DRDC1-150081. C1+Router
DRDC1-149391. 7998Other
DRDC1-150521. SystemsVG450Gateway
DRDC1-150781. SystemsMeraki MR52Access Point
DRDC1-150031. SystemsCatalyst 9300L Switch StackLayer 3 Switch
DRDC1-149121. Galaxy 300 10kVA 3:1UPS
DRDC1-120951. Console ManagerOther
DRDC1-120951. Remote Presence ManagerOther
DRDC1-150071. InternationalXM5163Printer
DRDC1-150161. InternationalCX622adePrinter
DRDC1-143191. Controller
DRDC1-147621. rPDUOther
DRDC1-148621. SystemsNCS 5001Router
DRDC1-143321. NX 7500Wireless LAN Controller
DRDC1-150671. NetworksBIG-IP i5600LoadBalancer

Defects addressed in this release

The following Defects have been added with the 2020-May-2

Defect ref.



Problem: IPv4 Address is incorrectly discovered for Data Domain storage device.
Solution: Code fix.

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