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How Can You Contribute?

We know that our customers and partners put time and effort into creating or modifying patterns themselves, and that maintaining that custom work is a hassle.

If you tell us about your custom work, we can improve our out-of-the-box functionality to support you better. Then you wont have to do as much work yourselves.

Share your knowledge...

You can share your pattern and the evidence through your customer support agent.

  • You need to tell us what product your contribution relates to
  • You need to describe what's new or changed in your contribution
  • You need to add at least one pattern
  • Consider adding some record data as evidence
  • State that you agree for your code to be used in BMC Discovery, for example, include the following phrase: "I understand that data or code from my submission may be used in future TKU updates".


  • Help yourself and your peers address real world software configuration issues
  • Accelerate availability of ADDM patterns & reports to help you address these issues at scale
  • Reciprocate - sharing is self-fulfilling, your sharing will encourage others to share
  • Stand out, get noticed by your peers

We will always

  • Use your data for good, not for evil
  • Credit you if we use your work
  • Appreciate your input

We will never

  • Allow sensitive data to be released

  • Use your contributions without adequate attribution


If you have questions, or your submission doesn't fit in this form, please drop by the forum and let us know.

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