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Load Balancers

BMC Atrium Discovery can now discover and model the load balancing instances and their configuration for certain NetworkDevice nodes that were previously displayed with a Type of Layer 3 Switch. You can discover dedicated hardware load balancers such as Application Delivery Controllers from F5 or Citrix (NetScaler), or the virtualized versions of these devices. 

Release notes and notices

Load Balancers updates are delivered as a part of monthly Technology Knowledge Update. For more information, please, see the latest TKU and OS Upgrade documentation.

Known and corrected issues

Corrected in

Problem: A10 Networks Load Balancer pattern does not supoprt A10 Thunder series devices.

Resolution: Code Fix.
TKU 2015-Apr-1

Problem: F5 GTM load-balancing is not supported.

Resolution: Code Fix.
TKU 2015-May-1

Load Balancer Discovery

Load balancer information is discovered using SNMP. When BMC Atrium Discovery finds a hardware or virtualized Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that has load balancer options enabled, it creates a network device node and triggers the load balancer discovery TPL patterns to query the necessary information about the related load balancing components, including pools, hosts and services. As soon as these elements are discovered, the following nodes (with relationships) are modeled, where applicable: 

  • Load Balancer Group
  • Load Balancer Instance
  • Load Balancer Service
  • Load Balancer Pool
  • Load Balancer Member

Supported Load Balancers

The latest Technology Knowledge enables BMC Atrium Discovery discover and model the following load balancers:

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