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  3. We need a way to export this to a csv or Excel format – I have to search and search and search to try and fine our device types. Finally I copy/pasted it into an Excel spreadsheet ..  just the sections I need

    1. Could you explain why you need a csv export? What is the use case you are trying to address?

      1. In order to more easily compare your list to our list.

        I have a list of all our network devices, from HP Network Node Mgr.

        I have a list of all our currently discovered Network devices from BMC Discovery.


        I color code them and them bring them all together to see what devices are NOT being discovered by Discovery.

        Then I have to compare all the devices that Discovery is NOT discovering and see if they are in the 'List of discoverable network devices'. Sorting by System Object ID.

        I know there's a way to search the current page, but that's one device at a time.


  4. Hi Kory,  did you ever receive the information in .csv or Excel format?  I need it as well.  

  5. I see that a very high number of devices (actually most of them) are not supported in version 11.1 and 11.2. Is this an error in this list, or have so many devices really been dropped from support?

  6. This last column is obviously not updated consistently, but I would say it is now pretty useless.

    By default, all the devices above (to the exception of those that has been moved to SNMPManagedDevice nodekind when ADDM 9.0 was released) are supported in all the fully supported versions of BMC Discovery.

    1. Thanks; it might then be a good idea to write "from version X" instead of listing all up to 11.0 then not updating the file anymore. Just to avoid confusion.

  7. I have now added 11.1+ and 11.2+ in the table to prevent any confusion.

    However I want to remind you that there is another page you can browse all supported models here: Supported Network Devices.