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To learn about the latest Technology Knowledge Update (TKU), Extended Data Pack, and Operating System (OS) Upgrade releases, click on the corresponding online documentation links:

Latest TKU and Extended Data Pack documentation

  • To learn about release compatibility, download instructions, and content of the release (new and enhanced patterns, and resolved defects), see the 2021 TKU Releases page and follow the link to the latest Technology Knowledge Update page.

  • To learn about the content of the Extended Data Pack, see the 2021 TKU Releases page and follow the link to the latest  Extended Data Pack page.

  • To learn about the network device integration module and the corresponding network device and printer definitions, see the see the 2021 TKU Releases page and follow the link to the latest Network Device and Printer Definitions page.

If you want to know about a previous release, click on the 2021-04-11_10-49-33_TKU archive page and select the release name corresponding to the year and month.

Latest OS Upgrade documentation

To learn about the latest applicable CentOS 6 and 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 and 7, and OS Upgrade files and view the corresponding package lists, see the following documentation links:

If you want to know about the earlier OS upgrade packages, click on the Previous operating system upgrades page and select the link for the corresponding period.

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