In TKU June, we extended our coverage of IBM Products, adding more names to our extensive list. In this Spotlight Page, we will take a look at 2 of them: IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment, and IBM FileNet.

IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment

This particular IBM product is formed by 3 different products: Virtual Enterprise, eXtreme Scale, and Compute Grid. We are identifying these 3 products separately, and then collecting them up in an IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Second Order Software Instance.

IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment in a Visualization

This ScreenShot clearly shows how we model WebSphere Extended Deployment. The 3 Products are modeled as separate Software Instances, which are then grouped in the Extended Deployment SI.

IBM WebSphere Virtual Enterprise in a Software Instance view

This ScreenShot displays a Software Instance for Virtual Enterprise. We identify Product Version, Build, and the Profile that a specific Instance of Virtual Enterprise belongs to.

IBM FileNet

We identify a great number of the products which form the IBM FileNet platform: Business Process Management, Dashboard, Content Manager, eForms, Image Services & Process Analyzer.

IBM FileNet products in a Software Instance list

This ScreenShot shows but a few of the FileNet products which we are able to identify and get a version for.

IBM FileNet Application Engine in a Software Instance view

This ScreenShot shows a detailed view of an Application Engine Software Instance. You can clearly see how we identify communication with the Content Engine Server component, and how we model a dependency link with the Process Engine Server component.

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