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Configipedia™ Contains:

6094 pages relating to BMC Discovery Software Patterns that identify 969 products and 39,283 product configurations.

TKU & OS Upgrade Docs

See the Latest TKU and OS Upgrade documentation for the the latest Technology Knowledge Update (TKU), Extended Data Pack, and Operating System (OS) Upgrade releases.

Find a particular product, storage system, load balancer, or other network device Icon

Find a particular product, storage system, load balancer, or other network device

Look for information about a particular product, publisher or pattern. Find out what BMC Discovery uses to find that product and what information it can give you.

Check out the lists of supported network devices, printers, SNMP managed devices, storage systems and load balancers.

Solve your problems Icon

Solve your problems

Got a specific problem that you need to solve? Look here for specific guidance on a wide range of issues.

Community Knowledge Icon

Community Knowledge

BMC Discovery is designed to be expanded. Go here to see how you can benefit from the knowledge of the wider BMC Discovery community, and how you can add to that knowledge!

What's next on Configipedia? Icon

What's next on Configipedia?

BMC Discovery and Configipedia cover more and more all the time thanks to the monthly TKU updates, these include new products, network devices as well as updates to the Extended Data Pack. Go here to see what's new and what's on the horizon!

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  1. ADDM documentation on device removal