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Hitachi VSP G-Series storage systems are discovered via the embedded Hitachi Gx00/G1000 SMI-S Provider. For the G-Series, the SMI-S provider is always installed on the array (on the SVP Windows Host).
As part of routine discovery, when the Hitachi Gx00/G1000 embedded SMI-S Provider is encountered, the storage device is automatically created in the ADDM environment. The SMI-S Provider is interrogated to discover any storage entities that it is managing. Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Atrium Discovery.

The Hitachi VSP G-Series Storage Systems pattern does not discover G-Series storage systems via the external HiCommand SMI-S provider as it does not provide sufficient information. Consequently, the Hitachi G-Series storage systems can only be discovered via the embedded SMI-S Provider. See the Prerequisites section below


A - Start and configure the embedded Hitachi SMI-S Provider:
  1. Connect to the Gx000 Windows SVP-Host.

  2. Click Start > All Programs > Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator > StorageDeviceList.
  3. Click Start Service.
  4. Run the netstat -ano|findstr 5989 command to verify that a process is actually listening on port 5989.

B - Create a user with a “storage administrator View-only” role
  1. Log on to the Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator console.
  2. In the left pane, click Administration > Storage Administrator (View Only) User Group.
  3. In the right pane, select the Users tab and click Create User.
  4. Enter the required information and click Finish.


C - Configure User credentials for the Hitachi Gx00/G1000 Embedded SMI-S Provider.
  • The credentials should be entered as WBEM credentials for the management server’s address in BMC Discovery. Please refer the Configuring WBEM credentials Discovery page for details.
D - Configure the network access on a WBEM port from the ADDM server to the storage system.
  • Port 5989 is used by default.

Supported Platforms

  • All Hitachi VSP G-Series models.

Discovered Storage Information

Vendor Specific Information

No known vendor specific information.


  • Hitachi VSP G Series Storage Systems are not supported in version older than version 11.

Known Issues

  • The Consumed Capacity parameter for Storage Pools is not always accurate. A fix for G1000 is available (SVOS 6.4.1) and must be properly installed. Contact your Hitachi representative for further information.
  • The Disk Drive Speed parameter is not currently reported.
  • The Operation Status parameter is always set to OK even if the disk is in an Error state.


  1. The enumerate instances for HITACHI_SCSIPCForFCPort WBEM class do not function. A workaround has been provided for ADDM 11. However, with ADDM versions prior to version 11 the Volume/FC Ports relationship is missing.
  2. The enumerate instances for CIM_AllocatedFromStoragePool may return the following exception:

[ Error Code = 1, CIM_ERR_FAILED,  java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ReturnItems called for find operation, but found 2 matches!.

Restart the Embedded SMI-S to resolve the problem.


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