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This page lists all server model reference data included in the Extended Data Pack 2013-Jul-1. The list comprises of data for:

  • 25 manufacturers
  • 605 server models
  • 1768 server model configurations

How Hardware Reference Data Can Help You

You can use BMC Atrium Discovery and hardware reference data to:

  • Identify servers that can be expanded in situations where space is a constraining factor in the data center
  • Identify server refresh / rationalization candidates in situations where cooling is a constraining factor in the data center
  • Identify server refresh / rationalization candidates in situations where power is a constraining factor in the data center

Hardware Reference Data Dashboard

A Hardware Reference Data Dashboard can be selected using the Dashboard menu on BMC Atrium Discovery Home Page.

Hardware Reference Data Terminology

  • Maximum RAM - the maximum amount of RAM supported by the server model
  • Rack Unit (RU) - the size of the hardware
  • Power Capacity (VA) - the input power capacity measured in Volt Amperes
  • Power Capacity (W) - the input power capacity measured in Watts
  • BTU per hour - thermal output measured in BTUs
  • Power Capacity VA per RU - the input power capacity measured in Volt Amperes, per Rack Unit
  • Power Capacity W per RU - the input power capacity measured in Watts, per Rack Unit
  • BTU per hour per RU - thermal output measured in BTUs, per Rack Unit

Server Models Covered

AppleXserver G5/2.0
Cisco Systems IncB230 M1 Blade Server
Cisco Systems IncUCS B200 M2 Blade Server
CompaqDeskpro EN Series
CompaqDeskpro EP/SB series
CompaqEvo D300 Convertible Minitower
CompaqEvo D310
CompaqEvo D500 Convertible Minitower
CompaqEvo D500 Ultra-slim Desktop
CompaqEvo D510 Convertible Mini Tower
CompaqEvo D510 Small Form Factor
CompaqEvo D510 Ultra-slim Desktop
CompaqProLiant BL20p
CompaqProLiant CL380
CompaqProLiant DL320
CompaqProLiant DL360
CompaqProLiant DL360 G2
CompaqProLiant DL380
CompaqProLiant DL380 G2
CompaqProLiant DL580
CompaqProLiant DL580 G2
CompaqProLiant ML310 G1
CompaqProLiant ML330
CompaqProLiant ML350
CompaqProLiant ML350 G2
CompaqProLiant ML350 G3
CompaqProLiant ML370
CompaqProLiant ML370 G2
CompaqProLiant ML370 G3
CompaqProLiant ML530
CompaqProLiant ML530 G2
CompaqProLiant ML570
CompaqProfessional Workstation AP550
CompaqWorkstation W6000
CompaqiPAQ Desktop
Dell Computer Corp.PowerEdge 350
Dell Computer CorporationOptiPlex 170L
Dell Computer CorporationOptiPlex GX110
Dell Computer CorporationOptiPlex GX200
Dell Computer CorporationOptiPlex GX240
Dell Computer CorporationOptiPlex GX260
Dell Computer CorporationOptiPlex GX270
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1300
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1400
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1550
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1650
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1750
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1800
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1850
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1855
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 1950
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2300
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2400
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2450
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2500
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2550
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2600
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2650
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2800
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 2850
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 400SC
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 4300
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 4400
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 4600
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 500SC
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 600SC
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 6600
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 6650
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 6800
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 6850
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 750
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 850
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge 860
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge R905
Dell Computer CorporationPowerEdge SC1425
Dell Computer CorporationPowerVault 775N
Dell Computer CorporationPrecision WorkStation 220
Dell Computer CorporationPrecision WorkStation 340
Dell Computer CorporationPrecision WorkStation 360
Dell Computer CorporationPrecision WorkStation 450
Dell Computer CorporationPrecision WorkStation 530
Dell Computer CorporationPrecision WorkStation 650
Dell Computer CorporationPrecision Workstation 330
Dell Inc.OptiPlex 745
Dell Inc.OptiPlex 755
Dell Inc.OptiPlex 760
Dell Inc.OptiPlex 780
Dell Inc.OptiPlex 960
Dell Inc.OptiPlex 980
Dell Inc.OptiPlex 990
Dell Inc.OptiPlex GX280
Dell Inc.OptiPlex GX520
Dell Inc.OptiPlex GX620
Dell Inc.PowerEdge 1950
Dell Inc.PowerEdge 1955
Dell Inc.PowerEdge 2900
Dell Inc.PowerEdge 2950
Dell Inc.PowerEdge 2970
Dell Inc.PowerEdge 6850
Dell Inc.PowerEdge 6950
Dell Inc.PowerEdge M600
Dell Inc.PowerEdge M605
Dell Inc.PowerEdge M805
Dell Inc.PowerEdge M905
Dell Inc.PowerEdge M915
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R210
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R310
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R410
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R510
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R610
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R620
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R710
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R720
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R810
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R815
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R820
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R900
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R905
Dell Inc.PowerEdge R910
Dell Inc.PowerEdge SC1435
Dell Inc.PowerEdge T610
Dell Inc.Precision M4500
Dell Inc.Precision M4600
Dell Inc.Precision T5400
Dell Inc.Precision WorkStation 370
Dell Inc.Precision WorkStation 380
Dell Inc.Precision WorkStation 470
Dell Inc.Precision WorkStation 670
FujitsuFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 450 Server
FujitsuFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 850 Server
FujitsuFujitsu PRIMEPOWER650 Server
FujitsuSPARC Enterprise M5000 Server
Gateway955 Server
HP9000 712/100 Workstation
HP9000 712/60 Workstation
HP9000 712/80 Workstation
HP9000 K200 Server
HP9000 K210 Server
HP9000 Superdome
HP9000 rp2450 Server
HP9000 rp2470 Server
HP9000 rp3410 Server
HP9000 rp3440 Server
HP9000 rp5450
HP9000 rp5470
HP9000 rp7400 Server
HP9000 rp7410 server
HP9000 rp8400 Server
HP9000 rp8420 Server
HPCompaq Business Desktop d530 Convertible Mini Tower
HPCompaq Business Desktop dc7100 Convertible MiniTower
HPCompaq Business Desktop dc7100 Small Form Factor
HPCompaq Business Desktop dc7100 Ultra Slim Desktop
HPCompaq dc7600 Business PC Convertible Minitower
HPCompaq dc7600 Business PC Small Form Factor
HPCompaq dc7600 Business PC Ultra-slim Desktop
HPHP 9000 rp4440 Server
HPHP 9000 rp7420
HPIntegrity BL860c
HPIntegrity BL870c Server
HPIntegrity rx1620 Server
HPIntegrity rx2600
HPIntegrity rx2620 Server
HPIntegrity rx2660
HPIntegrity rx2660 Server
HPIntegrity rx3600
HPIntegrity rx4640 Server
HPIntegrity rx5670
HPIntegrity rx6600 Server
HPIntegrity rx7640 Server
HPIntegrity rx8620 Server
HPIntegrity rx8640 Server
HPNetserver LH 3
HPNetserver LXr 8500
HPProLiant BL20p G2
HPProLiant BL20p G3
HPProLiant BL20p G4
HPProLiant BL25p G2 Server Blade
HPProLiant BL25p Server Blade
HPProLiant BL260c G5 Server
HPProLiant BL280c G6 Server
HPProLiant BL2x220c G5
HPProLiant BL35p
HPProLiant BL45p G1
HPProLiant BL45p G2
HPProLiant BL460c
HPProLiant BL460c G5
HPProLiant BL460c G6
HPProLiant BL460c G7
HPProLiant BL460c G8
HPProLiant BL465c G5
HPProLiant BL465c G6
HPProLiant BL465c G7
HPProLiant BL465c Server Blade
HPProLiant BL480c
HPProLiant BL490c G6
HPProLiant BL620c G7
HPProLiant BL680c G5
HPProLiant BL680c G7
HPProLiant BL685c G6
HPProLiant BL685c G7
HPProLiant BL685c Server Blade G1
HPProLiant BL685c Server Blade G5
HPProLiant DL100 G2
HPProLiant DL140
HPProLiant DL140 G2
HPProLiant DL145
HPProLiant DL145 G2
HPProLiant DL145 G3
HPProLiant DL160 G5
HPProLiant DL180 G6
HPProLiant DL320 G2
HPProLiant DL320 G6
HPProLiant DL360 G3
HPProLiant DL360 G4
HPProLiant DL360 G4p
HPProLiant DL360 G5
HPProLiant DL360 G6
HPProLiant DL360 G7
HPProLiant DL360p Gen8 Server
HPProLiant DL365
HPProLiant DL365 G5
HPProLiant DL380 G3
HPProLiant DL380 G4
HPProLiant DL380 G5
HPProLiant DL380 G6
HPProLiant DL380 G7
HPProLiant DL380p G8
HPProLiant DL385
HPProLiant DL385 G2
HPProLiant DL385 G5
HPProLiant DL385 G5p
HPProLiant DL385 G6
HPProLiant DL385 G7
HPProLiant DL560
HPProLiant DL580 G3
HPProLiant DL580 G4
HPProLiant DL580 G5
HPProLiant DL580 G7
HPProLiant DL585
HPProLiant DL585 G2
HPProLiant DL585 G5
HPProLiant DL585 G6
HPProLiant DL585 G7
HPProLiant DL740 G1
HPProLiant DL760 G2
HPProLiant DL785 G5
HPProLiant DL785 G6
HPProLiant DL980 G7
HPProLiant ML150 G2
HPProLiant ML150 G6
HPProLiant ML330 G3
HPProLiant ML350 G4
HPProLiant ML350 G4p
HPProLiant ML350 G5
HPProLiant ML370 G4
HPProLiant ML370 G5
HPProLiant ML570 G2
HPProLiant ML570 G3
HPProLiant ML570 Generation 4
HPProLiant SL4540 Gen8
HPProLiant xw25p Blade Workstation
HPProLiant xw460c Blade Workstation
HPVisualize B1000
HPVisualize B132
HPVisualize B2000
HPVisualize C180
HPVisualize C240
HPVisualize C3000
HPVisualize C360
HPVisualize C3600
HPVisualize J200
HPVisualize J210
HPVisualize J5600
HPVisualize J6000
HPWorkstation zx6000
HPia64 hp Integrity rx2800 i2
Hewlett-Packard6005 Pro Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardBladeSystem bc2000 Blade PC
Hewlett-PackardCompaq 8000 Elite Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop d330
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop d330 Convertible Mini Tower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop d330 Microtower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop d530 Convertible Minitower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop d530 Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop d530 Ultra-slim Desktop
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop dc7100 Convertible MiniTower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop dc7100 Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq Business Desktop dc7100 Ultra Slim Desktop
Hewlett-PackardCompaq d530 Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc5100 Microtower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc5800 Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7600 Business PC Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7600 Business PC Ultra-slim Desktop
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7700 Convertible Minitower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7700 Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7700p Convertible Minitower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7800 Convertible Minitower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7800 Ultra-slim Desktop
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7800p Convertible Minitower
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7800p Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dc7800p Ultra-slim Desktop
Hewlett-PackardCompaq dx6100 Microtower
Hewlett-PackardElite 8300 Small Form Factor PC
Hewlett-PackardHP Compaq dc7100
Hewlett-PackardHP Compaq dc7600 Convertible Minitower
Hewlett-PackardHP Compaq dc7600 Small Form Factor
Hewlett-PackardHP Compaq dc7700p
Hewlett-PackardHP Compaq dc7800
Hewlett-PackardHP ProLiant ML370 Generation 6
Hewlett-PackardProLiant BL460c G6
Hewlett-PackardProLiant DL380 G6
Hewlett-PackardProLiant DL580 G7
Hewlett-PackardProLiant DL980 G7
Hewlett-Packarddx5150 Business PC
Hewlett-Packardxw4300 Workstation
Hewlett-Packardxw4400 Workstation
Hewlett-Packardxw6000 Workstation
Hewlett-Packardxw6200 Workstation
Hewlett-Packardxw6400 Workstation
Hewlett-Packardxw8400 Workstation
IBM(RS/6000) 7026-H50 Server
IBM(RS/6000) 7026-H70 Server
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7025-F50 Server
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7025-F80 Server
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7026-M80 Server
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7028-6C1 Workstation
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7043-150 Model 43P/150 Server
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7043-260
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7043-260 RS/6000 Model 260
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7044-170 Server
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7044-170 Server RS/6000 Model 170
IBM(RS/6000) pSeries 7046-B50 Thin Server
IBM8203-E4A p6 520
IBM8204-E8A Power 550
IBM8233-E8B Power 750 Express
IBM9110-510 eServer p5 510 Express
IBM9110-51A System p5 510 Express
IBMBladeCenter HS22
IBMBladeCenter HS22V
IBMBladeCenter JS21 Express
IBMBladeCenter JS21 Type 8844-31G
IBMBladeCenter JS21 Type 8844-31X
IBMBladeCenter JS22
IBMBladeCenter LS21
IBMIBM System x3550
IBMIntellistation E Pro
IBMIntellistation M Pro
IBMLenovo ThinkCentre M50
IBMLenovo ThinkCentre M52 8113
IBMNetVista 8319
IBMNetfinity 4500R 8656
IBMNetfinity 5000
IBMNetfinity 5500
IBMNetfinity 5500 M20
IBMNetfinity xSeries 230/5100
IBMNetvista M41
IBMPower 550
IBMPower 560 Express
IBMPower 570
IBMPower 595
IBMPower 710/730 Express
IBMPower 730 Express
IBMPower 740 Express
IBMPower 750 Express
IBMPower 770
IBMPower 780
IBMPower 795
IBMRS/6000 44P
IBMRS/6000 7026-H80
IBMRS/6000 7044 Model 270
IBMRS/6000 7046 Model B50
IBMRS/6000 Enterprise Server Model H70
IBMRS/6000 Model H80
IBMRS/6000 Server Model 7017 S70
IBMRS/6000 Server Model S7A
IBMRS/6000 pSeries 7017 Server Model S80
IBMSystem X iDataPlex dx360 M3
IBMSystem p p5 510
IBMSystem p p5 510 (51A)
IBMSystem p p5 520
IBMSystem p p5 52A
IBMSystem p p5 550
IBMSystem p p570
IBMSystem p5 510 Express
IBMSystem p5 520 Express
IBMSystem p5 550
IBMSystem p5 560Q
IBMSystem p5 575
IBMSystem p5 590
IBMSystem x DX360 M2 iDataPlex
IBMSystem x iDataPlex dx360 M4
IBMSystem x3250
IBMSystem x3455
IBMSystem x3500
IBMSystem x3550
IBMSystem x3550 M2
IBMSystem x3550 M3
IBMSystem x3630 M3
IBMSystem x3650
IBMSystem x3650 M2
IBMSystem x3650 M2 server
IBMSystem x3650 M3
IBMSystem x3650 M4
IBMSystem x3655
IBMSystem x3755
IBMSystem x3755 8877
IBMSystem x3850
IBMSystem x3850 M2
IBMSystem x3850 X5
IBMSystem x3950
IBMThinkCentre S50
IBMThinkpad T43 2668
IBMeServer 325
IBMeServer 326m
IBMeServer BladeCenter HS20
IBMeServer BladeCenter HS21
IBMeServer BladeCenter HS40
IBMeServer BladeCenter JS20
IBMeServer BladeCenter JS21
IBMeServer BladeCenter LS20
IBMeServer p5 510 Express
IBMeServer p5 520
IBMeServer p5 model 595
IBMeServer pSeries 610
IBMeServer pSeries 610 Rack-Mounted Server Model 6C1
IBMeServer pSeries 615 Deskside Server Model 6E3
IBMeServer pSeries 615 Model 6C3
IBMeServer pSeries 615 Rack-Mount Server Model 6C3
IBMeServer pSeries 630 Model 6C4
IBMeServer pSeries 650 Model 6M2
IBMeServer pSeries 650 Model 6M2 RS/6000 7038-6M2
IBMeServer pSeries 655 Server Model 651
IBMeServer pSeries 670
IBMeServer pSeries 680 Model S85
IBMeServer pSeries P5 520Q EXPRESS
IBMeServer pSeries RS/6000 43P Model 150 Server
IBMeServer xSeries 220
IBMeServer xSeries 225
IBMeServer xSeries 226
IBMeServer xSeries 232
IBMeServer xSeries 235
IBMeServer xSeries 236
IBMeServer xSeries 240
IBMeServer xSeries 255
IBMeServer xSeries 306
IBMeServer xSeries 330
IBMeServer xSeries 335
IBMeServer xSeries 336
IBMeServer xSeries 340
IBMeServer xSeries 342
IBMeServer xSeries 345
IBMeServer xSeries 345 LE
IBMeServer xSeries 346
IBMeServer xSeries 350
IBMeServer xSeries 3500
IBMeServer xSeries 360
IBMeServer xSeries 365
IBMeServer xSeries 365 LE
IBMeServer xSeries 366
IBMeServer xSeries 370
IBMeServer xSeries 440
IBMeServer xSeries 445
IBMeServer xSeries 460
IBMeserver xSeries 255
IBMeserver xSeries 330
IBMeserver xSeries 335
IBMeserver xSeries 346
IBMp5 505
IBMp5 550
IBMp6 520
IBMpSeries 615
IBMpSeries 660 7026-6H1
IBMpSeries 660 7026-6M1
IBMpSeries 690
IBMpSeries 7026-B80
IBMxSeries 305 Server
IBMxSeries 330
IBMxSeries 335
IBMxSeries 366 Model 1RU
LENOVOThinkCentre M55e 9637
LENOVOThinkCentre M55e 9637 Desktop
LENOVOThinkCentre M55p
LENOVOThinkcentre M55 8811
LENOVOThinkcentre M55e
NECftServer 6300
NEC CSDPowerMate 8100 Series
Not AvailableSun Fire X4140
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise M3000 Server
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise M4000 Server
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise M5000 Server
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise M9000 Server
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise T5120
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise T5140
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise T5220
Oracle CorporationSPARC Enterprise T5240 Server
Oracle CorporationSPARC T3-1 Server
Oracle CorporationSPARC T3-2
Oracle CorporationSPARC T4-1
Oracle CorporationSPARC T4-2
Oracle CorporationSPARC T4-4
Oracle CorporationSPARC T5-2
Oracle CorporationSPARC T5-8
Oracle CorporationSun Fire 6800 Server
Oracle CorporationSun Fire 880
Oracle CorporationSun Fire E6900 Server
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V210
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V215
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V240
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V245 Server
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V440
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V445
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V480
Oracle CorporationSun Fire V490
Oracle CorporationSun Fire X4170 M2 Server
Oracle CorporationSun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server
SUN MICROSYSTEMSSun Fire X4170 M2 Server
Silicon Graphics, Inc.Origin 2000
StratusftServer 6300
SunEnterprise 220
Sun MicrosystemsES7000/one Enterprise Server
Sun MicrosystemsEnterprise 10000
Sun MicrosystemsEnterprise 220
Sun MicrosystemsEnterprise 3000
Sun MicrosystemsEnterprise 4000 or Enterprise 5000
Sun MicrosystemsEnterprise 420R
Sun MicrosystemsEnterprise E6500
Sun MicrosystemsEnterprise T5440
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 1500
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 250 Server
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 2500
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 450 Server
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 650 Server
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 850 Server
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER 900
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER1500
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PRIMEPOWER650 Server
Sun MicrosystemsFujitsu PrimePower 200 Sparc64
Sun MicrosystemsJava Workstation W1100z or W2100z
Sun MicrosystemsNetra 120
Sun MicrosystemsNetra SPARC T4-1
Sun MicrosystemsNetra T 1125
Sun MicrosystemsNetra T1 AC200 / DC200 Server
Sun MicrosystemsNetra T5440 Server
Sun MicrosystemsNetra X1
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise M3000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise M4000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise M5000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise M9000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise T2000
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise T5120
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise T5140
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise T5220
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise T5240
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC Enterprise T5240 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC T3-1
Sun MicrosystemsSPARC T3-2
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade 100
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade 1000
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade 1000 or Blade 2000
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade 150
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade 1500
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade 2000
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade 2500
Sun MicrosystemsSun Blade T6320 Server Module
Sun MicrosystemsSun Enterprise 220R
Sun MicrosystemsSun Enterprise 250
Sun MicrosystemsSun Enterprise 3500 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Enterprise 420R Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Enterprise 450
Sun MicrosystemsSun Enterprise 4500 or Enterprise 5500 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire 12K Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire 15K
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire 280R
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire 3800 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire 4800 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire 6800 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire 880
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire E25K Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire E2900 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire E4900 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire E6900 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire T2000
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V100
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V120
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V125 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V1280 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V20z
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V210
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V215
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V240
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V245
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V250
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V440
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V445
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V480
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V490
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire V890
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X2100
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X2200 M2 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4100 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4140
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4150 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4200 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4240 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4440 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4450
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4500 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4540
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4600 M2 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4600 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun Fire X4640 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun SPARC Enterprise M4000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun SPARC Enterprise M8000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun SPARC Enterprise T1000 Server
Sun MicrosystemsSun SPARCstation 20
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra 1
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra 2
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra 25
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra 450
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra 5 or Ultra 10 Workstation
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra 80 UPA/PCI
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra 80 Workstation
Sun MicrosystemsSun Ultra Enterprise 450
Sun MicrosystemsUltra 60 Workstation
Sun MicrosystemsUltra 80
Sun Microsystems, Inc.Sun Fire V40z
UNISYS Corp.ES3220L Enterprise Server
UnisysES3220L Enterprise Server
UnisysES7000/one Enterprise Server
Unisys CorpES3220L Enterprise Server
Unisys CorporationUnisys Enterprise Server ES7000 Orion 550
Verari Systems, Inc.S5000XAL
hpIntegrity rx2600
hpIntegrity rx4640 Server
hpIntegrity rx6600 Server
hpIntegrity rx7640 Server
hpIntegrity rx8620 Server
hpIntegrity rx8640
hpWorkstation zx6000
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