HP P6000 storage systems (formerly known as HP EVA) are discovered via HP Storage Works Command View EVA Suite. As part of routine discovery, when HP Storage Works Command View EVA Suite software is encountered, an HP Command View EVA CIM Server instance is created to represent the software. The management software is interrogated to discover any storage entities that it is managing. Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Atrium Discovery.
Once the HP Command View EVA CIM Server is installed and configured, add the WBEM credentials to ADDM’s list of WBEM credentials.  Ensure that ADDM also has suitable credentials to scan the management server’s operating system.


  • Host credentials for the Command View EVA Server.
  • Credentials for the Command View EVA software (access is controlled through the host’s OS’s HP Storage Users group). These credentials should be entered as WBEM credentials for this server.
  • Network access from ADDM to the system/management server.

Supported Platforms

  • HP P6000 Storage Systems (formerly known as HP EVA)

Discovered Storage Information


No known limitations.

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