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HP 3PAR Storage Systems

HP 3PAR storage systems are discovered via their own HP 3PAR Embedded SMI-S Provider. Even though the SMI-S Provider is embedded with the HP 3PAR storage system, it is not started by default on the array’s management interface. The startcim must thus be run in the HP 3PAR CLI to start the SMI-S provider. Conversely, the stopcim will be used to stop/disable the SMI-S provider. You can use the command showcim to verify the status of the CIM server.

BMC Atrium Discovery will then interrogate the HP 3PAR Embedded SMI-S Provider to discover any storage entities that it is managing. Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Atrium Discovery.



The 3PAR SMI-S provider is embedded into the controllers of the system.

  • The SMI-S provider can be started by logging into the system via SSH and running startcim.
  • The credentials to log into the 3PAR system should be entered as WBEM credentials in ADDM for the storage systems IP address.
  • Network access on a WBEM port (5988 for http or 5989 for https) from the ADDM server to the storage array.

It is assumed that the HP 3PAR Embedded SMI-S Provider is properly enabled. If this is not the case, documentation links for configuration are provided below.

Vendor Specific Information

No known vendor specific information.

Discovered Storage Information


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  1. Hi, BMC team, currently, the 1.1.06 KM version of HP 3PAR storage Is available on the Sentry site: I review the EPD but I only found the 1.1.04 KM version, you should update it,


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