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The XtremIO Storage System is an all-flash array based on a scale out-architecture. The system uses building blocks called X-Bricks which can be clustered together.
An XtremIO storage system can include a single X-Brick or a cluster of multiple X-Bricks. The storage system is controlled via a dedicated Linux server called XtremIO Management Server (XMS). The XMS can be either a physical or a virtual server.

As part of routine discovery, the EMC XtremIO pattern is triggered on a storage device running a type of OS matching XtremIO Management Server SMI-S Provider. Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Discovery.


  • XtremIO Array version 4.0.15-15 or higher
  • XtremIO Management Server (XMS) version 4.2.1-6 or higher
  • XMS Embedded SMI-S Provider running on port 5989
  • Configure the XMS Embedded SMI-S Provider
  • ECOM credentials. These credentials should be entered as WBEM credentials for the XtremIO Management Server SMI-S Provider IP address.
  • WBEM credentials for the XMS Embedded SMI-S Provider:
    1. In the Add Credential page (Refer to the Adding Credentials page for detailed information):
      • Enter the XtremIO Management Server IP address

      • Enter the Username and Password to connect to the XMS Embedded SMI-S Provider as previously configured in the ECOM Administration and the XtremIO Storage Management Application

      • Select the HTTPS access protocol

      • Select the WBEM HTTPS port 5989

    2. Test the credentials (Refer to the Testing credentials page for detailed information):
      • Open Manage > Device Credentials

      • Select the previously configured XtremIO Device

      • From the Actions, drop-down list, select Test

    3. Scan the XtremIO Cluster (Refer to the Scanning IP addresses page for detailed information):
      • Open Manage > Discovery and click Add New Run.

      • Provide the required information and click OK.

      • Open Discovery Run and check the Discovered Storage Devices / Storage Systems.

Supported Platforms

  • EMC XtremIO Storage Array 4.0.15-15 or higher

Discovered Storage Information

Vendor Specific Information

No known vendor specific information.


No known limitations.

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  1. Hi Veronique,

    Thanks for creating this document in detail. I have below two queries:

    1. How does OS of XtremIO Management Server is discovered? Is it through ssh and user with sudo permission similar to OS such as RHEL/AIX
    2. Can we discover XtremIO storage on 11.0 with latest TKU and Storage TKU or do we need to upgrade first?


    • Arjun


  2. Hi Arjun,


    The XtremIO Management Server OS cannot be discovered with the XtremIO pattern. However the XtremIO Management Server SMI-S Provider is detected via WBEM in order to discover the managed XtremIO clusters.

    The XtremIO storage array is properly discovered on BMC Discovery 11.0 with the latest version of the XtremIO pattern (Storage TKU) and TKU.


    Best Regards,





  3. Hi Nassim,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    Could you please help me to understand for Discovery of XtremIO:

    1. Whether XtremIO Management Server OS need to be discovered
      1. If yes then, what is the way to discover XtremIo Management Server OS


     Only configuring WBEM credentials is sufficient for discovery.


    Thanks & Regards,