EMC VPLEX storage systems are discovered using SSH and EMC VPLEX REST API. The appropriate storage pattern is triggered on each host running the startpar process. The VPLEX commands (both cluster specific and node specific) are executed on each host to retrieve the cluster/node details. Then, each cluster/node is modeled in BMC Discovery. The storage discovery pattern continues discovery of the storage entity using further REST API requests to discover the associated storage components.


SSH and REST API credentials valid for the storage device. SSH credentials should be entered as host and REST API credentials for EMC VPLEX REST. See How to create a user on a VPLEX system for details.

Each node of the cluster should be scanned in the same way as a UNIX server would be. BMC Discovery will recognize the custom UNIX server and create a Software Instance “EMC VPLEX Management Console” which in turns will create an EMC VPLEX storage cluster.

Vendor Specific Information

No known vendor specific information.

Discovered Storage Information


No known limitation.


How to create a user on a VPLEX system

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