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The Brocade SAN Switch pattern leverages Brocade Network Advisor v11.2.0 or higher. The following procedures explain in detail how to get, install and configure this tool to enable BMC Discovery to efficiently discover the Brocade SAN switches running in Virtual Fabric (VF) mode.

Step 1: Installing Brocade Network Advisor

The installation files of Brocade Network Advisor 11.2.0 or higher can be downloaded on the Brocade's website, under MyBrocade > Downloads > Product Downloads. The default Brocade Network Advisor comes as a 75-day evaluation version. A license will then be required to use this product.

1. Download the na1120_brocade_windows zip file on the Brocade's website.
2. Unzip the archive and run the installation file.

3.     Click Next on the Introduction screen.

4.     Read the agreement on the License Agreement screen, select I accept the terms of the License Agreement, and click Next.

5.     Indicate the Install Folder and click Next.

6.     Review the displayed installation summary on the Pre-Installation Summary screen and click Install.

7.     Make sure the Launch Network Advisor Configuration check box is selected (default) on the Installation Complete screen and click Done.

Step 2: Configuring Network Advisor

If you selected the Launch Network Advisor Configuration check box during the installation, the following wizard appears:

1.     Read the Network Advisor Welcome page and click Next.

2.     Select No and click Next.

3.     Choose your package and click Next

4.     Choose the appropriate installation type and click Next.

5.     Configure the FTP server to be used (internal or external) and click Next.

6.     Configure the server IP and click Next.

7.     Indicate the Web Server Port # (HTTP), Web Server Port # (HTTPS), Database Port #, Starting Port #, Syslog Port #, SNMP port # and click Next.

8.     Configure the SMI Agent and click Next.

9.     Verify your configuration information and click Next.

10.  If necessary, select the Start Client check box and click Finish.

Once the Network Advisor services are started, the Brocade Network Advisor is displayed.

Note: For more information, please refer to the Brocade Network Advisor Installation Guide.

Step 3: Working with Brocade Network Advisor

The final step to associate the Brocade SAN switches with the Brocade Network Advisor.

If you followed the two previous steps, the Brocade Network Advisor is automatically launched. If this is not the case, click Start > Programs > Network Advisor xx.x.x > Network Advisor xx.x.xx.

1.     Enter User ID and Password (by default Administrator and Password) and click Login.

2.     Click OK on the Network Advisor Login Banner.

3.     In the Discover menu, click Fabrics.

4.     Click Add to add fabrics.

5.     Enter the fabric information and click OK

Once fabrics are added, Brocade Network Advisor automatically discovers the related switches

Step 4: Configuring BMC Discovery

To discover the Brocade SAN switches running in Virtual Fabric (VF) mode:

  1. Create SNMP credentials that have access to the Brocade switch.
  2. Create WBEM credentials that have access to the Brocade Network Advisor.
  3. Scan the IP Address of the Brocade SAN switch. This first scan will discover the Brocade switch as a Network device and all the FC ports using the SANSwitch_FCPorts.tpl pattern. If the switch is configured and running in Virtual Fabric mode then the switch will be discovered as a Network device. FC ports configured in virtual mode will not be discovered at this stage.
  4. Scan the IP address of the host where the Brocade Network Advisor is installed. All the FC ports configured in virtual mode will be discovered and associated to the same Network device discovered during the first scan.

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  1. A SoftwareInstance node in 11.2 links to Brocade Network Advisor in which seems to be 404. Probably it should redirect here.

    1. Hi Marcin,

      Thanks for your comment. The issue is fixed now.