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Challenge of Relying on Manually Created Data

Manually collected data alone cannot provide a full real time picture of the run time environment. Data quality related risks arise Due to:

  • Inaccuracies in knowledge captured from application owners
  • Inaccuracies in understanding the dependencies between applications and hardware
  • Difficulty in identifying configuration exceptions and identifying candidates for decommissioning
  • Error prone reporting might impact smooth transition
  • Audit data might become outdated before the move
  • An inability to track progress of the migration throughout the lifetime of the project

In addition to data quality risks, manual audits are timesuming and resource intensive with the time to base line taking on average 0.3-2 days/server.

How Tideway Foundation Helps

Tideway Foundation provides automated view of the AS IS PICTURE comprising of hardware asset and dependency information which is based on what's actually in the data centre - existing information sources on assets and dependencies can be validated/remediated.


Benefits of using Tideway Foundation:

  • Business application deployments are more accurately captured
  • Provides passport data
  • Provides requirements for new DC
  • Provides dashboards to monitor the relocation process
  • Provides data for optimisation initiatives and corrective action
  • Hardware asset age and performance information is rapidly available for server consolidation / virtualisation opportunities
  • Software products are identified enabling more cost saving opportunities
  • Orphan systems are identified for retirement
  • Everything can be tracked each day - corrective action can be taken early enough to make a difference
  • Creates the NEW DC PICTURE to be used in the UAT process and as part of handover to support

Tideway Foundation Reports

The following links provide details of Tideway Foundation Reports, Dashboards, Patterns and Knowledge that can help reduce the cost, reduce risk and accelerate data center relocation projects.

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