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TKU February 2009

In TKU February 2009 the patterns for both Citrix XenServer and Citrix XenCenter were updated with changes to the 'type' attribute for the XenServer and XenCenter.
The 'type' attribute have changed as follows:

  • Citrix XenServer pattern:
    • 'Citrix Xen Enterprise Server' to 'Citrix XenServer Server'
    • 'Xen Enterprise Server' to 'XenSource XenServer Server'
    • 'Xen Enterprise Domain' to 'Citrix XenServer Domain'
  • Citrix XenCenter pattern:
    • 'Citrix Xen Center' to 'Citrix XenCenter'

In addition to this, the vm_type attribute (created when SI for XenServer domain is created) was changed in Citrix XenServer pattern from: 'Xen Domain' to 'XenServer Domain'

Finally, the Consolidation method was modified. A new approach is used, which rectifies a bug in the former Unix trigger, and adds support for consolidating Windows guest hosts. For more details, please refer to the relevant page.

TKU May 2009

In TKU May 2009 Citrix XenServer pattern updated to resolve an issue that could occur on some hosts where an attempt to download '/sys/hypervisor/uuid' file could lead to discovery hanging due to a bug in the Linux kernel of the host. The pattern only attempts to download the file if 'xenstored' process is running.

TKU July 2010

In TKU July 2010 Citrix XenServer pattern updated to support 5.x version of product. Also file versioning was added and source of version used in Domain nodes was changed. Unneded Communication relationships between XenServer and Domain were removed.

TKU Aug 2010

In TKU Aug 2010 a few minor bugs were fixed making the pattern more reliable when processing earlier versions of Citrix Xen.

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 was added support of IPAddress node.

TKU August 2012

In TKU August 2012 search query was improved and link management code was added

TKU November 2012

In TKU November 2012 regex for obtaining of domain_name was improved to support whitespaces in domain_name.

TKU March 2014

In TKU March 2014 the XenServer Domain SIs are now only created if host_uuid is known. Added resident-on=<host_uuid> argument to xe vm-list active command to ensure XenServer Domain SIs are now only created if present on same host as XenServer Server SI.

TKU August 2014

In TKU August 2014 the XenServer pattern was slightly updated to enhance product version regex  (TKU-2308)

TKU February 2015

In TKU February 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Privilege command execution configuration using the pattern configuration block has been deprecated. A recommended method through the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration is described here.

TKU October 2015

In TKU October 2015consolidation pattern was slightly updated to enhance VMs linking.


TKU February 2016

In TKU February 2016 CitrixXenDomain pattern was updated with the code that handles the situation when commands on slave can't be executed (QM001884735)


TKU July 2016

In TKU July 2016 CitrixXenDomain pattern was updated with the code that reduce load on XenServer hosts and creates links from slave host to master.

Also not pattern tries obtain VMs for those slave hosts where xe hist-list command is disabled. But for this xe pool-list command should work on slave at least.


TKU December 2016

In TKU December 2016 CitrixXenDomain pattern was updated and added support for Xen 7.0

TKU September 2017

TKU September 2017 - Updated short name attribute (DRDC1-8288)

TKU August 2019

TKU August 2019 - Updated to allow run command 'xe host-list' with privileges in case of error (DRDC1-13503)

TKU September 2019

TKU September 2019 - Updated for Citrix Hypervisor version (since 8.0.0) (DRDC1-13695)

TKU February 2020

In TKU February 2020 Added vm_management_ip address attribute

TKU June 2020

In TKU June 2020 Pattern updated to avoid false-positive detection of physical host as virtual.