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TKU June 2008

In TKU June 2008 the pattern module was updated to include the following changes:

Addition of pattern to identify Tideway Foundation Lifecycle Management

Pattern added to enable identification and versioning of Tideway Foundation Lifecycle Management

Key Update in the patterns of Foundation components

The key used for Foundation components is now composed of 'type' and 'host.key' rather than 'name' and 'host.key'. The reason for the change is that 'name' also contains the hostname of the host being scanned and using the hostname as part of the SI key is against best practice recommendations.

Minor improvement to pattern triggers

Regular expressions used when matching processes that trigger Foundation component patterns were improved slightly

TKU July 2008

Changes to the way SIs are linked to BAIs

The pattern now links the BAI to the SIs on the basis of version as well as SI type.

TKU November 2008

In TKU November 2008 the pattern module was updated to include the following changes:

With the release of Tideway Foundation 7.1.6, each of the main components making up Tideway Foundation were given a watchdog process with the same name as the trigger process. To prevent each of the six patterns triggering twice - once on the child and once on the parent, code has been added to terminate a pattern if it triggers on a child process rather than its parent.


TKU February 2010

In TKU February 2010 the pattern module was updated to include the following changes:

With the release of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping 8.1,two additional patterns have been added - Report Service and SQL Provider Service.
Also a check has been added to assign the appropriate SI type to the product based on its version. All versions above 8.0 have their SI type set to BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping <Component Name> .

TKU March 2010

In TKU March 2010 the Foundation/ADDM BAI pattern was updated to create a BAI key that is not affected by version changes, preventing duplicate BAIs being created if the product was updated and then re-scanned.

TKU October 2010

In TKU October 2010 two updates were made:


TKU February 2012

In TKU February 2010 the pattern module FoundationSecurity and FoundationAppliance were updated to add known Versions of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping.(bug #15405)

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 the following changes were made:

  • The main ADDM discovery server was modelled as a single Software Instance (not several Software Instances linked together in a Business Application Instance as previously)
  • The pattern now models ADDM proxies

TKU October 2012

In TKU October 2012 ADDM_BAI pattern changed to create SI instead of BAI.


TKU July 2013

In TKU July 2013 FoundationSecurity pattern functionality was extended to retrieve ADDM configuration. New versioning method was added. Cluster attributes are now populated as well as Consolidation/Scanning Appliance details. Relationship links are created between the ADDM components.

TKU August 2013

In TKU August 2013 the expected results from the identify_host function was changed from list to string. In addition, the SI type is now set to the modern name for the product if version is not known.

TKU September 2013

In TKU September 2013 format of related_rdbms_sis_search() function was updated


TKU April 2014

In TKU April 2014 consolidation and scanning appliances details extraction and link management were updated. Also we have updated search for the related Proxy SIs.

TKU June 2014

In TKU June 2014 "proxy_name" attribute had been changed to "instance".

TKU August 2014

In TKU August 2014, the pattern was updated to model additional attributes for the Software Instance:

  • short_name (TKU-2353)
  • listening_ports (TKU-2355)


TKU February 2016

In TKU February 2016, the pattern was updated to implement such changes:

  • short_name attribute was added to BMC Discovery Cluster SI (DRDC1-5475)
  • updated si_type for version 11.0  (DRDC1-5473)
  • renamed BMC Atrium ADDM Cluster into BMC ADDM Cluster (DRDC1-5474)

TKU October 2016

In TKU October 2016, the pattern was updated to implement such changes:

  • Updated the BMC Discovery / TidewayFoundation pattern for v11.1 (DRDC1-7068)


TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.


TKU March 2020

In TKU March 2020 publisher and product attribute were added.

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