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2010 - 2015

TKU Feb 2010

In TKU Feb 2010 The Active Commmand for obtaining the install root on UNIX platform was changed from
"echo $ATRIUMCORE_HOME" to "env | grep ATRIUMCORE_HOME" due to bug #12852.

TKU Mar 2010

In TKU Mar 2010 the default Windows installation root is now ascertained from a list of possible values, rather than a single value (Bug #12966).

TKU Jul 2011

In TKU Jul 2011 File versioning for CMDB 2.1 on Unix platform is now supported (RFE QM001702506).

TKU Apr 2012

In TKU Apr 2012 Product version set more accurately (Bug #15981)

TKU Nov 2014

In TKU Nov 2014 product version format was updated to 3-level depth. The pattern for Web Services had been added to the module.

After 2015

TKU October 2015

In TKU October 2015 simple identity and link type updated.

TKU October 2016

In TKU October 2016 we updated the false positive checks for Atrium Integrator

TKU January 2018

In TKU January 2018 we improved how we report product version

TKU March 2018

In TKU March 2018 versioning order was updated to prioritize file versioning.

TKU May 2018

In TKU May 2018 updated known_versions

TKU July 2019

In TKU July 2019 we removed cmd /c from the commands the pattern runs

TKU August 2020

In TKU August 2020, the lookup table was updated to map from modern internal versions to marketing versions (DRDC1-13419).

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