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The Configipedia documentation space will be undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable on the weekend of 27/28 February 2021.

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TKU August 2015

In TKU August 2015 Added clustering attribute. Change the broker config parsing method. Dependency for Zookeeper Software Instance improvement.

TKU September 2015

In TKU September 2015 added removal group for old Kafka and Zookeeper links. Deleting old cluster SI or clusters with obsolete relationships (TKU-4669)

TKU June 2017

In TKU June 2017 added support for Windows installation(DRDC1-8789)

TKU February 2019

In TKU February 2019, we enhanced the path versioning to ensure full version can be extracted from the trigger process arguments should install root fail to contain such information.

TKU August 2019

From TKU August 2019 we report three levels of product version

TKU March 2020

In TKU March 2020 Fixed root directory obtaining. Pattern uses more reliable method - populate installation directory based on configuration files location, if it's impossible - then it extracts it from log-files location (DRDC1-14526)

TKU January 2021

In TKU January 2021 Pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Updated to model 'topics' details (DRDC1-13969);
  • Added active versioning;
  • Updated regex to extract 'install_root' and 'config_file_path';
  • Updated to extract listening port from process.args;
  • Fixed Zookeeper relations aging;
  • Updated to model software cluster, instead of SI;
  • Key changed to include list of nodes in the cluster

TKU February 2021

In TKU February 2021 updated to support older Kafka versions (DRDC1-16411)


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