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    TKU April 2011

    In TKU April 2011 (release 2) the regexes used for obtaining install root from process arguments were updated for significant performance improvement resolving defect QM001702532.

    TKU November 2011

    In TKU November 2011 the pattern was updated to support Cloudscape by the addition of new triggers and improved path versioning. In addition, the pattern is also able to get the full trigger process command line path via pmap on the UNIX platform by the addition of a new configuration section.


    TKU February 2012

    In TKU February 2012 the communication link with WebSphere Application Server was removed as it cannot be reliably identified

    TKU December 2012

    In TKU December the pattern has had a minor update to ensure mapping of certain attributes to Atrium CMDB BMC_Product CI matches Atrium Product Catalog Data (as published by BMC)


    TKU July 2013

    In TKU July 2013 some extra comments were added to the pattern configuration section to make it clear pmap_enabled will only work in priv_execution is enabled.


    TKU April 2014

    In TKU April 2014 the pattern trigger was modified in having matching on .jar files in command line arguments removed.


    TKU August 2016

    In TKU August 2016 were added additional parameter in name attribute for more uniqueness and were added new known versions.


    TKU February 2017

    In TKU February 2017:

    • Implemented new common functions
    • Added alternative path for alternative versioning method on UNIX platforms


    TKU November 2018

    In TKU November 2018 corrected log versioning to use privileged command only if non-privileged command has failed

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