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TKU January 2012

In TKU January 2012 Removed the dependency link to Adobe Coldfusion Server Software Instance (#15538)

TKU June 2012

In TKU June 2012 relevant module patterns updated slightly to ensure that if this product was identified on ESX Server platform, all the pattern code that should execute will execute (ISS03916697)

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 Pattern was updated to obtain instance and install directory attribute from related discovered services if full path and args are missing(QM001803493).

TKU February 2014

In TKU February 2014 Pattern updated to obtain installation directory and version for cases when triggering process has relative path on Unix, instance regex was updated(TKU-2090).

TKU April 2014

In TKU April 2014 Updated metadata and regex for path versioning(TKU-2192).

TKU June 2014

In TKU June 2014 a  potential ECA error in path versioning within the JRunServer pattern was corrected. In addition, the code was tidied up and updated based on best practice guidelines, including removal of build from full_version.

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