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The A10 Networks AX Series pattern builds the BMC Atrium Discovery load balancer model based on A10 Networks AX devices details obtained via SNMP for the configured Virtual Servers, Virtual Servers Ports, Server Groups, Real Servers and Real Servers Ports. 

Additional SNMP requests are used in order to get High Availability (HA) configuration. Any configuration no longer reported is removed from the model. 

Load Balancer Model

A10 Networks AX Series uses the following conceptual model:

Virtual Server and Virtual Server Port (n) - (1) Service Group (n) - (n) Real Server and  Real Server Port

A pair of Virtual Server and Virtual Server Port is modeled as a LoadBalancerService.

A Service Group is modeled as a LoadBalancerPool.

A pair of Real Server and Real Server Port is modeled as a LoadBalancerMember.

Supported service states

  • Disabled

  • AllUp

  • FunctionalUp

  • Stopped

Supported load balancer pool types

  • Firewall
  • TCP
  • UDP

Supported balancing methods (algorithms)

  • RoundRobin
  • WeightRoundRobin
  • LeastConnection
  • WeightLeastConnection
  • ServiceLeastconnection
  • ServiceWeightLeastConnection
  • FastResponseTime
  • LeastRequest
  • RoundRobinStrict

Supported load balancer service types

  • Firewall
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • Others
  • RTSP
  • FTP
  • MMS
  • SIP
  • FastHTTP
  • HTTP
  • SSLProxy
  • SMTP
  • SIPS