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This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Chatbot.

To view the documentation for the current version, select 20.08 from the Product version menu.

Quick overview

BMC Helix Chatbot interacts with users through natural language, understands the conversation context, and perform tasks on behalf of the user. BMC Helix Chatbot helps users to resolve their issues or search for any information they need by providing the following capabilities:

  • Immediate assistance to issues raised by the users and provides easy-to-find information.
  • Reduction in human error and dependency by eliminating human intervention for certain tasks.
  • Reduction in company's costs and resources.

Consider a scenario, where an employee within an organization wants to create a request for software installation. Instead of accessing a help desk application, the employee uses BMC Helix Chatbot to initiate the request. The following sequence illustrates a typical chat session in BMC Helix Chatbot:

  1. The user interacts with BMC Helix Chatbot to create a software installation request.
  2. BMC Helix Chatbot requests details, such as software details, system details to install, reason for software installation, and so on. 
  3. Based on the details, the BMC Helix Chatbot raises a service request to create a software installation request in the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced client application.
  4. After the request is created, BMC Helix Chatbot returns the request details to the employee.

User roles

BMC Helix Chatbot has simplified the day-to-day activities of different user roles. The product primarily aims to simplify the regular activities of the following roles.



  • Customizes BMC Helix Chatbot to suit business needs.
  • Configures BMC Helix Chatbot to work with other BMC applications.
  • Configures BMC Helix Chatbot to work with different interfaces.

BMC Helix Chatbot user

  • Interacts with BMC Helix Chatbot to get their tasks done.
  • Interacts with BMC Helix Chatbot to get any information.

Product features

BMC Helix Chatbot includes the following features:

Product documentation

The BMC Helix Chatbot documentation helps users implement or use this product.

Where do I begin?Getting started

How do I achieve value with BMC Helix Chatbot?

Use cases

How do I configure BMC Helix Chatbot to work with BMC applications such as BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced?

Integrating BMC Helix Chatbot with other applications

Where do I find information on resolving errors related to BMC Helix Chatbot?


How do I use self-help provided by BMC to learn about the various capabilities of BMC Helix Chatbot?

The following video (2:47) provides an overview of accessing the self-help to learn more about BMC Helix Chatbot: