Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2023-Oct-1

BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2023-Oct-1 provides information about new scanning capabilities in the 20.08, 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, 23.1, and 23.3 versions of BMC Discovery.

Release highlights

In this release, we are delivering:


  • AWS: Improved the Name of CloudRegion and CloudProvider nodes to be more descriptive. For more details, see (DRDC1-21512) and the documentation here.
  • AWS: Added support for External ID in AWS credentials.  For more details, see (DRDC1-19282).
  • OCI: Updated the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provider to display only OCI regions pertaining to a specific tenant and realm. For more details, see (DRDC1-21615) and the documentation here.


  • Added a pattern for the synchronization of EOL dates to the CMDB. Note that this requires the CMDB to be extended to support the following new attributes: EndOfExtendedSupport, EndOfLife, EndOfSecuritySupport, and EndOfSupport. For more details, see (DRDC1-21798) and the documentation here Open link and here Open link .
  • Enhanced the CMDB synchronization between IP Address and Network Interface. For more details, see (DRDC1-21536) and the documentation here.
  • Improved the discovery of the vSAN storage system model in CMDB. For more details, see (DRDC1-21827) and the documentation here.

Network devices

  • Added support for Stack Switches for Huawei devices. For more details, see (DRDC1-20135) and the documentation here.


  • Added support for the discovery of Dell EMC SC Series through REST API. For more details, see (DRDC1-20997) and the documentation here.


  • Added mac_addrs attribute to VMware VMs. For more details, see (DRDC1-21703).

Latest releases updates

You can find information about the latest TKU updates and essential notes in the Schedule and Roadmap.

  • TLS Certificate checking: BMC Discovery and the BMC Discovery Outpost check the TLS certificate against GCP. You can clear the check box to disable the TLS certificate and check if the certificate is invalid. In such a case, be aware that a hacker attack could intercept your credentials.

Release compatibility

TKU 2023-Oct-1 is compatible with the following versions of BMC Discovery: 20.08, 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, 23.1, and 23.3.


Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website Open link . If you are a customer or partner without a login, contact your BMC account manager.

Learn how to download from the BMC EPD site from this guideline.

Release contents

The release comprises components packaged as the following entities:

  • BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update
    • Core - Patterns that model various software products.
    • Extended Database discovery - Patterns that extend some of the core database patterns to obtain additional detailed information about certain databases.
    • Middleware discovery - Patterns that obtain detailed information about certain J2EE Application Servers and Web servers.
    • Network Device Integration Module with associated Network Device definition files, Printer definition files, and SNMP managed devices definition files.
    • System - Patterns that detect configuration issues and populate Discovery Conditions BMC Discovery 20.08 Open link , BMC Discovery 21.05 Open link , BMC Discovery 21.3 Open link , BMC Discovery 22.1 Open link , BMC Discovery 22.2 Open link , BMC Discovery 23.1 Open link , BMC Discovery 23.3 Open link as well as patterns used by the CMDB sync system.
  • BMC Discovery Extended Data Pack 2023-Oct-1
    • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populates BMC Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.
    • National Vulnerability Database - A pattern that populates BMC Discovery with information about the CPE ID of each product.
    • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate BMC Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of specific host Operating Systems and interpretations of certain software products.
  • BMC Discovery for Storage is a separately licensable product.
    • Storage Systems - Patterns that model many Storage Systems.
    • Storage System Release Notes provides the latest Storage updates and improvements to existing Storage patterns.

Command/File Matrix

The Command/File Matrix file (covering all commands executed and files retrieved by the patterns) for TKU 2023-Oct-1 is available here.

Outpost updates

Defect ref.DescriptionNotes
DRUD1-42393Added support for FIPS.N/A
DRUD1-42295Fixed an issue with Thycotic credentials encryption.N/A
DRUD1-42424Fixed an issue with the discovery of Linux hosts with SSH. N/A
DRUD1-42129Fixed an issue with CyberArk AIM.N/A


The following new products are introduced within the scope of this release.







Product Page

RFE ref.

HPEStoreServ Management ConsoleStorage and Device Management Software


YYHPE StoreServ Management ConsoleDRDC1-21044

Database Security Sensor,

Database Activity Monitoring

Security and Vulnerability Management Software

Windows, Unix

YYMcAfee Database SecurityDRDC1-21752


The following RFEs are introduced within the scope of this release.

RFE ref.


Product Page

SI Key Change


Added an ability to get appian_home from the trigger process if alternate methods fail.



Enhanced the DataStax Enterprise pattern to run the nodetool commands if the bin_dir is "".

DataStax Enterprise

DRDC1-21755 Added an ability to link associated processes to Dynatrace SoftwareInstance.Dynatrace AppMonN
DRDC1-21514 Updated the Elastic Filebeat pattern to get install_root via pmap or similar if alternate methods failElastic FilebeatN
DRDC1-21836 Improved versioning of IBM Informix Dynamic Server SI.IBM Informix Dynamic ServerN
DRDC1-21736 Improved the triggering process for ITRS Geneos Netprobe.ITRS GeneosN
DRDC1-21584 Updated the ITRS Geneos model to handle instance based Software Instances with a key based on port (if applicable), type and host key.ITRS GeneosY
DRDC1-21705Added path versioning.LogstashN
DRDC1-21704Updated the Logstash pattern to attempt privilege execution for active versioning.LogstashN
DRDC1-21787Added the mac_addrs attribute to Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual machines for consistency.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Instance

Oracle VM

DRDC1-21818Improved the Node.js versioning.NodeJsN
DRDC1-21329Updated tablespace sizes for DBA and CDB in a container for Oracle Databases.Oracle RDBMS - Database Detail PatternN
DRDC1-21415 Added state attribute to the PostgreSQL SoftwareInstance.PostgreSQL RDBMSN
DRDC1-21732Enhanced file versioning.Red Hat JBoss Application ServerN
DRDC1-21741Improved the discovery of the SaltStack Salt Minion SI on WindowsSaltStack SaltN
DRDC1-21703Added mac_addrs attribute to VMware VM.VMware Virtual Machine softwareN

Defects resolved

The following defects are fixed within the scope of this release.

Defect ref.


Product Page

SI Key Change


Problem: CrowdStrike Sensor is not discovered on Linux machines.
Solution: Code fix.

CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor



Problem: An incorrect key for Datastax Databases.
Solution: Code fix.

DataStax Enterprise



Problem: Low pattern performance due to an increased amount of searches.
Solution: Code fix.

IBM Spectrum Load Sharing Facility



Problem: A market version is not reflected for BMC_DataBase CIs running under a cluster.

Solution: Code fix.



Problem: Containerization patterns create massive numbers of Contributor Inference relationships to pattern nodes, which evokes performance issues.

Solution: Code fix.




Problem: Incorrect versioning of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.
Solution: Code fix.

Oracle Business Intelligence



Problem: ECA error in the OracleRDBMS pattern.
Solution: Code fix.

Oracle RDBMS


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