Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2023-Jul-1

BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2023-Jul-1 is a deliverable for BMC Discovery 12.0, 20.08, 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, and 23.1 series.

Release highlights

In this release, we are delivering:


  • AWS: Added the "Spain" region. For more details, see (DRDC1-21405).
  • AWS: Enhanced the Amazon Elastic Load Balancer pattern to include the Type, Target Group, and Target Type attributes. For more details, see (DRDC1-21299) and documentation here.
  • OpenStack: Added the Zun container service support for OpenStack. For more details, see (DRDC1-20139) and documentation here.
  • Modeled Azure Firewall as a NetworkService node, which enables synchronization with CMDB and usage in ITSM modules. For more details, see (DRDC1-20214) and documentation here.

Network devices

  • Added a boot_time attribute for the NetworkDevices, Printers, SNMPManagedDevices, StorageDevices, ManagementControllers discovered via SNMP. For more details, see (DRDC1-15178).
  • Added missing vCMP hosts to the vCMP Guest relationship. For more details, see (DRDC1-21420). 


  • Added support for the NetApp StorageGRID storage systems. For more details, see (DRDC1-13916) and documentation here.


  • Added an ability to identify containerized software by using the image and tag. For more details, see (DRDC1-21490) and the documentation here.
  • Added role attribute to the Host node. For more details, see (DRDC1-21314) and the documentation here.
  • Cleared duplicated Nutanix ESX hosts. For more details, see (DRDC1-20468) and the documentation here.
  • Enhanced the VMware Virtual Machine pattern to discover the "create date" attribute. For more details, see (DRDC1-21293) and the documentation here.
  • Updated the Processor Information discovery to model ProcessorInfo nodes irrespective of the CPU speed. For more details, see (DRDC1-21376) and documentation here.

Latest releases updates

You can find information about the latest TKU updates and essential notes in the Schedule and Roadmap.

  • TLS Certificate checking: BMC Discovery and the BMC Discovery Outpost check the TLS certificate against GCP. You can clear the check box to disable the TLS certificate and check if the certificate is invalid. In such a case, be aware that a hacker attack could intercept your credentials.

Release compatibility

TKU 2023-Jul-1 is compatible with the following streams: 12.0, 20.08, 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, and 23.1 series.


Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website Open link . If you are a customer or partner without a login, contact your BMC account manager.

Learn how to download from the BMC EPD site from this guideline.

Release contents

The release comprises components packaged as such entities:

  • BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update.
  • BMC Discovery Extended Data Pack 2023-Jul-1
    • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populates BMC Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.
    • National Vulnerability Database - A pattern that populates BMC Discovery with information about the CPE ID of each product.
    • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate BMC Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of specific host Operating Systems and interpretations of certain software products.
  • BMC Discovery for Storage is a separately licensable product.
    • Storage Systems - Patterns that model many Storage Systems.
    • Storage System Release Notes provides the latest Storage updates and improvements to existing Storage patterns.

Command/File Matrix

The Command/File Matrix file (covering all commands executed and files retrieved by the patterns) for TKU 2023-Jul-1 is available here.

Outpost updates

Defect ref.DescriptionNotes
DRUD1-41654Increased the error budget size.N/A
DRUD1-40978Fixed a log issue with VMGuest credentials.N/A
DRUD1-37180Added support for date-time settings of the Outpost on local Windows machines.N/A


The following new products have been introduced within the scope of this release.







Product Page

RFE ref.


Digital Experience Platform

Content Management

UNIX, WindowsYYLiferay Digital Experience PlatformDRDC1-21313
OpenTextVerastream Host IntegratorOther Development and Deployment Software


YYOpenText Verastream Host IntegratorDRDC1-21421
Schneider ElectricOASyS Dynamic Network of ApplicationsProblem Management Software


YYSchneider Electric OASyS Dynamic Network of ApplicationsDRDC1-19969


SSH Tectia

System Software

WindowsYYSSH TectiaDRDC1-21257


The following RFEs have been introduced within the scope of this release.

RFE ref.


Product Page

SI Key Change

DRDC1-21406Updated the Apache Cassandra pattern.Apache CassandraN

Added EOL information for BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure ManagementN
DRDC1-21414Associated  "oneagentloganalytics" and "oneagentextension" processes with Dynatrace OneAgent SI.Dynatrace OneAgentN


Updated EOL dates for 8.x of all Elastic products in sEOLista.

Elastic publisher

DRDC1-21459 Updated the EMC Avamar pattern to create a new instance for each installation path.EMC AvamarY


Added EOL information for the IBM BigFix Agent pattern.HCL BigFixN
DRDC1-21394Added EOL information for the AIX pattern.IBM AIX System p HardwareN
DRDC1-21387Enhanced the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator pattern to discover a version and added support for the Trellix publisher.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention

DRDC1-20657 Updated the HP Quality Center SI pattern name to Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management.Micro Focus Application Lifecycle ManagementN
DRDC1-21430 Improve method to find registry keys for SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL ServerN
DRDC1-21428Updated the NginxWebserver.Nginx pattern to attempt the active versioning command by using a privileged user.Nginx WebserverN
DRDC1-21228Updated the Node.js pattern to obtain the full path through the DiscoveryFunctions.getExeCwdPath function.NodeJsN
DRDC1-14481 Updated the Oracle pattern to prevent creation of excessive core files during the Oracle Red Hat scan.

Oracle Clusterware

Oracle RDBMS

DRDC1-21196Updated the Oracle pattern to include all associated service names in the discovery of standalone or clustered non-pluggable databases.Oracle RDBMSN
DRDC1-21230Updated the Solaris Domain Local Manager pattern to collect logical domain data for virtual hosts.Oracle VM Server for SPARCN
DRDC1-21372 Updated the Red Hat JBoss Application Server pattern to discover .ear and .war components.Red Hat JBoss Application ServerN
DRDC1-21346Added support for Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.1.Symantec Enterprise Security ManagerN

Defects Resolved

The following defects have been fixed in this BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update.

Defect ref.


Product Page

SI Key Change


Problem: An AWS EFS cloud service is erroneously created by the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud pattern. 

Solution: Code fix.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud



Problem: The trigger condition for the ControlModuleforAFT pattern misses SIs.

Solution: Code fix.

Control-M for Advanced File TransferN


Problem: ECA error caused by a trigger process with no parent.
Solution: Code fix.

CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor



Problem: ECA error due to an invalid search expression.

Solution: Updated the search expression.

Discovering OpenStack



Problem: A spelling mistake in the TypeToNodeKind table.

Solution: Code fix.

Fujitsu publisher



Problem: ECA error while executing the "tpl_defn__SplunkFuncs__fn__listForwarderServerRestAPI_body_3" rule.
Solution: Code fix.




Problem: Invalid regex flag placement.
Solution: Code fix.



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